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Krios is a massive network and campaign management platform that incorporates blockchain technologies in order to connect businesses seeking promotional and affiliation activities with influencers who have relevant demographics and professionals who offer relevant services. Krios platform focuses primarily on connecting social media influencers, consultants, ad managers, content creators, graphic designers, copywriters, and more together to create a cost efficient advertising campaigns which will promote the awareness of brand. The Krios platform connects businesses with the right network to allow business owners and marketers to directly influence and attract their target market respectively.

krios Aim
Krios’ aim is to develop an all-in-one solutions that will help curtail the diverse challenges faced by the current system, make it more transparent, quick and secure while maintaining simplicity. krios wants to help create a bussiness environment that will have everything in place to help caters to diverse marketing needs.

The Current Challenges Faced By Social Media Businesses

One of the problems is that advertising with a large corporation such as Facebook or Twitter where common enterprisers are just another number in Facebook’s ledger, and the ROI for expenditures are extremely unclear, they would not receive any special attention or personalized service from Facebook.

  • Currently, the only way to reach influencers is through their agents, a third-party platform or attempting to contact them through social media; all of which do not guarantee a response.
  • Also, haviing to deal with influencers from all around the world implies that businesses must hold or have access to several different currencies depending on the influencer’s location which leads to more transaction fees as companies must exchange their fiat into another fiat currency.

The Solutions With Krios
Krios alleviates the problems above by providing companies with access to a network of talented professionals who provide value and synergies in all aspects of a company’s marketing campaigns. A platform where businesses of any size can create a full scale marketing team specific to their project and then manage and coordinate the campaign at a fraction of the ordinary cost.

  • Krios also offers a simple, streamlined process by which a company sends a request containing information about their product, budget, needs and timeline. Krios will then match the business with approved and registered professionals within the network who will be chosen by the company to complete the tasks given.
  • Companies can also manage and have full control over their marketing efforts directly on the Krios platform through the “Build Your Campaign” feature. Krios saves all parties time and money as it connects users looking to sell their endorsement services or other professional capabilities with the business.

Krios Coin
Krios Coin is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum using blockchain technology. KriosCoins are used as a means of payment for services provided on the Krios platform and are logged and confirmed with Krios’ internal ledger. KriosCoins are also used to reward participants in the network and holders of KRI and this allows for the network to continue to flourish. As professionals earning KRI and businesses purchasing KRI make transactions, they will all be able to earn KRI thereby increasing ROI for all participants and incentivizing participation.

Total Token Supply: 650,000,000 KRI
Total Sale Supply:500,000,000
Reserve: 150,000,000
Accepted Contributions: ETH, BTC & USD
Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.04 ETH

Token Distrubution

image (1).png

This platform will assist in supporting the growth of legitimate employment within the world of social media. I see Krios solving all the challenges you can think of that has to do with diverse marketing needs, and this has placed Krios at a pedestal above every other similar projects.

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