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Due to the outdated infrastructure of today’s educational landscape, there has been a failure to introduce technology into the learning experience. The resources for educators and students to reach their maximum potential is lacking. It has become a devastating norm for those with unique learning abilities such as dyslexia which is a mental disability which causes a person to have difficulty in reading and writing to be ignored. Members of the society who have deep impact in the educational system are struggling to get by and their efforts are been undervalued. It is common to openly discuss the shortcomings of the educational system and even with this, there has not been any reasonable solutions.

About Leap With Alice
Leap With Alice platform aims to disrupt modern day education by destroying the obstacles that have continued for decades. Each and every student will have personalized resources that will help then to actualize their true potential and light the spark that ignites a shift in learning. It also promotes a society in which teachers will be properly compensated for the vital role they play in the future of every student. While other initiatives too have a commendable intention and plans, the Leap With Alice platform provides educators and students with the tools to achieve those visions on a higher scale with a greater efficiency and at no cost. The platform will become a tool in which educators will use in discovering every student's educational abilities.


Disengaged Students

  • There is little engagement or meaningful interaction even though many students use their smart devices to easily access educational material. Only half of students reported feeling engaged according to a recent Gallup study. There is also a decline in engagement levels as students get older.

Plagiarism and Quality

  • Plagiarism has been the order of the day due to the fact that existing educational marketplaces have been plagued with the issue and also quality of content. At present, there are no methods implemented to make sure that users have the rights to sell the products they are offering. There is also no structure in place to ensure that content is accurate and quality is determined.

Security Risk and Date Breaches

  • Data At Risk Personal privacy and breaches in security has become a common thing today and is also affecting education. A popularly used platform known as Edmodo was breached in the year 2017 and 77 million users had their information stolen and sold. This is certainly a cause for alarm.

Undervalued Teachers

  • Immeasurable Value is Undervalued Educators are motivated by their passion for developing young minds and not for financial gains. In the United States, 62% of teachers require a second source of income to make ends meet. The amount of time and energy that is required to effectively educate each and every student is very high and when paired with financial stress, educators become exhausted and their performance in the classroom also becomes.

Students Left Behind

  • Learning disabilities such as dyslexia hinders thinking, writing ability, retention and time management skills. There is lack of market for tools that are created for those with unique learning abilities in mind and teachers do not have the time and resources to direct their efforts individually.



Leveraging Curiosity and Peaking Interest

  • Augmented Reality (AR) provides a level of depth and interaction which has not been fully utilized in classrooms. Transforming the classroom into an immersive learning environment will boosts the engagement of students and allow the educator to use aides that had once been viewed as unimaginable.

Incentivize education

  • Leap With Alice will algorithmically reward quality contributions. Content creators will be able to buy and sell lesson plans through the Alice Exchange and educators will have the ability to be able to earn an addition of tokens provided by Alice by playing a valuable role in the Leap With Alice community. ALICE tokens are distributed to users who help curate content and create it.

Cultivating Unique Abilities

  • Modern technology will be used to create IEPs that is, Individualized Education Plans for students experiencing learning ability struggles such as dyslexia. The technology will be used to increase overall engagement and subject matter understanding. IEPs will be used to push students towards their maximum potentials.

Quality Learning

  • Authentication of Quality With the capabilities of Machine Learning, submitted content will be analyzed before reaching the Alice Exchange. With the Alice Exchange, an educational board will curate content and serves as the final voice by upholding standards.

Protection of Teachers and Students

  • The core concept behind blockchain technology which is distributed ledger allows networks to secure data on an impenetrable level. Leap With Alice sets up a secure ecosystem which allows every user’s content along with personal data and funds to be securely and safely stored using the Identity Aware Proxy and multi-factor authentication. Systems are also monitored with a sophisticated UEBA which is User Entity Behavior Analytics software that monitors user and process behavior on the endpoint.

The Alice Suite
This comprises of a variety of applications and tools that allow educators to create and buy enhanced educational material and even sell them. It comprises of;

  • The AliceLabs where free tools are given for the for the empowerment of the educational content being created and enhanced by augmented reality.
  • AliceExchange gives teachers the avenue to browse specific topics that customize the learning experience for every student and target a variety of modalities.
  • AliceClassroom serves as a dashboard and data center for both educators and students to monitor their journey in education.
    *AliceLens gives educators power with technology that shows interactive and deeply engaging content. It takes the existing world that is around us and lays new information on top of it.

The Dual Token Model

  • The LWA Security Token: This is an ERC-20 token which is designed to represent tokenized equity in which the ownership of the token equity grants the expectancy of future profits in the form of revenue share, dividends, and price appreciation. Distribution of the LWA Token will only occur after the complete regulatory compliance has been cleared.
  • The ALICE Utility Token: This is an ERC-20 token that stands as the native currency on AliceExchange which provides users a larger percentage of sales through fiat. It also acts as an incentive for the creation and curation of content. With the launch of the AliceExchange, the ALICE token will be generated and distributed in tandem.

The Leap With Alice platform promotes free creation of quality content with augmented reality to enhance lessons plans and the blockchain technology to make a secure ecosystem that allows each user’s content, funds and data to be safe and secure. It is focused on using modern technologies to enhance students performance in order for them to reach their full potentials.

For more enquiries, kindly click on the links below;
Website: http://leapwithalice.io/
Whitepaper: https://leapwithalice.io/LWAWhitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeapWithAlice
Telegram: https://t.me/LWAlice

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