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The foundation of every business is built on trust and this is also applicable to the Blockchain technology. The blockchain technology can be seen as the revolution of trust and evolution of value exchange because it enables organizations to establish a high level of both trust and transparency. This will eliminate the need for middlemen in large amount. Trust will be the most valuable and important element of the digital age which will business transactions to be conducted in a very simple P2P economic model. There is need to assess trust as a vital feature of their value chain and also assess the impact that blockchain will have on their future.

In the traditional financial transactions, most transactions carried out are usually guaranteed by 3rd parties such as money transfer services, credit institutions or banking institutions but with the blockchain technology, transactions carried out cannot be forged because those transactions are validated by computers around the world by security and algorithm.

Features of Blockchain
One feature of blockchain is speed. Most times, to transfer money across borders takes up to 3-5 working days but with the blockchain technology, digital money transfer is more faster because it takes just 5-10 minutes no matter your location in the world. Money transfer is quite difficult due to more than half of the population in the world do not have a bank account. With access to the internet digital money can be transferred and received. The cost of transactions across borders for money transfers are usually very costly but with digital money, transaction costs are less $1.

The blockchain platform is also very transparent. Anybody can track the transactions carried out on blockchain and also record the history on that address. There is also data security. The information available on the chains of blockchain are safe and scattered. It is only the holder of the private key that will have access to the data.

Introducing the topic of discussion and the project i want to review today for your own understanding is Masternet for Akasic Global. Before i explain what masternet is all about i would love to introduce the innovative features of the Akasic Network because its the parent company of the masternet project.


What is Akasic Global?

Akasic Global is a platform with experience team that offers superior technology and capabilities with
blockchain, coexistence, cross-platform, cross-platform and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

To understand Akasic Network we need to know more about the Akasic Global's ecosystem-shared economic model. The shared economic includes;

  • Akatrade: The Akatrade helps users trade transactions, trade coins fast, and attain millions of transactions within seconds. It also allows users to respond to market changes.

  • Akamess: This is used in terms of connecting interactive users, not forgetting the area of social networking, as well as community connection and multi-channel direct integrated rapid support team. With Akamess you can exchange resources such as remittances and click on encrypted assets a few times.

  • Akabot: The Akabot is an Artificial Intelligence bot. Thats is used for smart consultancy based on data from market trends and used for advice and profit optimization orders.


How the Masternet Platform Works?
First of all, they build healthy and strong communities which suits the ecosystem of the Akasic Network and for different kind of projects and the categories are determined by the experts of the masternet Platform.

Secondly, during the period of the community development stage for the Akasic Network ecosystem, they search for potential blockchain projects that has not been active for a while or is still in its early stage and do not have a strong community support. Both sides will then come up with terms and conditions that will benefit each to integrate. The communities will be educated based on the needs of the Blockchain projects.

Lastly, the community of the Masternet will be rewarded with a certain proportion of the revenue of the Akasic Network ecosystem and also the revenue of other projects. The revenue will be gotten from transaction fees when MASH is used as payment methods, trade cryptocurrency, transfer money and so on.

Token Details
MASH is the official ERC20 token of the Masternet platform and it is developed on the Ethereum blockchain which is a very secure and powerful blockchain.
Product and Development: 100,000,000 MASH
Team and advisors: 80,000,000
Essential potential: 20,000,000
Product developments: 50,000,000
Partnerships: 20,000,000
Trader community building market: 30,000,000

The mission of Masternet is to foster the adoption and development of Blockchain and also increase the efficiency of the world by bringing strong and healthy communities to practical and potential blockchain projects. It also makes sure that these blockchain projects survive and thrive while also benefiting the people.


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