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The research titled: The Impact of Parking Pain in the United Kingdom, German and United States which was carried out in the year 2017 by INRIX research paper, shows that drivers have to pay an ample amount of money both emotionally and economically in order to find parking spaces for themselves. Averagely, it is shown that citizens of the United Kingdom spend 44 hours just to find parking spots annually for one driver year. Collectively, the cost of drivers annually is calculated as approximately at $33 billion dollars. American citizens also spent 17 hours each driver per year annually and this costs United State citizens $72.7 billion yearly.

The INRIX also argues that apart from the obvious economical reasons, there is also non economic impact of searching for parking spots on drivers. This includes stress, getting into arguments and also missing appointments. The INRIX research says that most drivers request for solutions such as navigation with parking, real-time parking availability, advanced payment and advanced parking reservation. This solution is part of what the parksen platform will provide as part of their Green, Smart and Connected City Platform.

About Parksen

Parksen was created by Eddie Postma who has been an active participant in the parking industry. PARQ is the creation of Parksen Parking and it is a full tested and functional parking APP which has been in operation since 2015 in the Netherlands.
Because of its capability to host smart contracts and also support a large amount of transactions, the Parksen platform will run on the Ethereum block chain and IOTA Tangle because this will stand to be an important factor to the parksen platform. Smart contracts make it promising and possible for the parksen platform to be able to plan up indisputable agreements among local companies, municipalities, and consumers. The inclusion of parking pricing lists within the smart contracts will make it possible for drivers not to pay more than what is included in the contract.

Problems Ahead
One problem is the loss of time and money. Due to the time spent looking for parking spots as the introduction states, valuable time is wasted and money paid for parking spaces is over rated.
In addition, there are also environmental issues. When congestion occurs, emissions are usually 4 times higher than when the traffic is congestion free and there is also a decline in traffic speed which leads to health issues.
Also, the systems are outdated and they have not adopted the use of IoT (Internet of Things) and companies and garages all around the globe use different hardware and software which leads to the emptiness of parking spaces.

The Solution: Green, Smart and Connected City Platform

The Green, Smart and Connected City Platform will put an end to the problems that drivers face in their day to day activities as regards transportation and parking spots.
First of all, they will restore and expand their (MVP) Minimum Viable Product which is the Parksen Parking APP. It will have new features such as real-time information on congestion, traffic situations, and most significantly, there will be a guidance system which will help driver to find affordable and close parking spot that is close to their vicinity.


More to that, the parksen platform will offer services such as universal API’s and dashboards to maintenance workers, companies, emergency services, municipalities, parking garages and consumers. Since parksen parking platform will be the one to offer all this services, it will cut out the middlemen thereby reducing the margin and costs. Parksen platform will make use of updated and efficient technologies such as the Internet of Things and smart car technology which will help to regulate traffic flow.
The parksen platform will release special SDKs and public API to developers in order to stimulate constant innovation and development.

Features of Parksen

  • Some features of parksen include the following:
  • Locating and mapping out parking spots
  • The incorporation of smart contracts, Internet of Things, and green device
  • The offering and registration of parking spots
  • Surveys, reviews and data sharing.

PARQ Token
The parksen token is an ERC20 token which is built on the Ethereum blockchain and it is suitable for smart contracts and other wallets.

PARQ Token Details
Total tokens:
Token type: ERC20
Ticker: PARQ
Token Base Price: $0.10
Hard Cap: $19.500.000
Token Distribution and Allocation
Charity 1% @ 10.000.000
Airdrop & Holders reward 5% @ 50.000.000
Private Sale 3% @30.000.000
Team 5% @ 50.000.000
Business Development 4% @ 40.000.000
Bounties/Referrals 2% @ 20.000.000
Pre-ICO sale 5% @ 50.000.000
Public ICO sale 20% @ 100.000.000
Development 15% @ 150.000.000
Marketing 20% @ 200.000.000
Smart City Projects 20% @ 200.000.000
Use of Proceeds

Marketing 30%
Research & Development 45%
Business Development 10%
Global Expansion 15%

The Green, Smart and Connected City Platform will do a lot of good to countries across the globe. It will do this by fighting against pollution, investing in sustainable green solution and also curb the wastage of time and resources. The platform is looking forward to expanding later on in order to involve in areas of urban life that needs more improvement. Together with the help of the community, Parksen will take the world by a storm and make a huge difference across the whole world.





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