Review of the ICO project W12. Benefits

The founders of the W12 project are going to make their project the largest decentralized solution for conducting financial transactions that are based on blocking technology. The main mission of the project is to modernize the traditional financial market by translating it into digital form, and thus provide the infrastructure for creating and developing projects based on modern block-chain technology. The W12 project will reduce many different risks, as well as increase profitability at first. For example, you can safely with minimal risks attract the necessary funds with little or no loss. There is no need for technical analysis. Moreover, in the W-12 project from the inception-introduction-transformation into a ready-made business that will make a profit, goes quite a short way.

Problems of the system.
It is concluded in the following that both sides do not trust each other. To make payments and solve various kinds of problems, they are forced to come to state and other institutions. The current system is characterized by slow, high cost of services and almost no transparency of the process.

There is no bad solution
The W12 developers are ready to create a decentralized infrastructure in the field of blockade technology, where there is no need for any trust between the parties, reduces the risk of losing the invested funds to 99.9%, all incomprehensible questions will be resolved quickly, unquestionably and simply, and free of charge. Instead of the state, this will be done by smart contracts. It's all built on transparency and automated reporting.
The team of W12 creators are going to use the technology created by them on the ICO market, which carries great losses, between buyers of tokens and developers of projects. Looking at the average data, we will see that over 81% of projects on the network can be scammers, and only 3.8% of them successfully function in real life.
As we said earlier, W12 offers to make all financial transactions based on W12 smart contracts, which do not require any trust between the buyer of the tokens and the seller.

Description and functions of the platform
As we have already understood that the W12 platform allows its users to conclude contracts in the field of blocking technology, without having to be able to program. The network transmits already verified information from the outside world to the block chain and certifies the successful execution of scenarios provided for by smart contracts.
According to experts, this project in the near future will reach a high level of the global platform, which is able to radically change all the tools for raising funds.

Technological solutions:

  • digital contract;
  • Transferring funds from one crypto currency to another;
  • block network;
  • Motivational system;
  • Exchange. Totally decentralized and available from the moment of adding projects to internal exchange.

Platform Advantages
The platform offers the following advantages:

  • Increases yield by 10 times;
  • It enables rapid attraction of funds for the project without technical expertise and other initial financial injections;
  • Organizes all relevant infrastructure;
  • Absence of the first costs. Now, to attract investors through the platform, developers do not have to invest;
  • Automation;
  • Transparency. Creators will provide users with open source code, thus they can check the ratio of tokens themselves. - - All data will be updated on the official website of the project.
    Attracted funds are not allocated immediately, but through tranches.
    If there are deviations from the roadmap, investors can decide whether or not to allocate investments in the project, or return the remaining funds to depositors.

The W12 platform will play a significant role for experts, they will warn depositors about the risks they see in a particular project.


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