PDATA Review

PDATA is the first ethereum blockchain based market for transparent and secure trading of personal data.

The PDATA runs on an Opiria platform that enables the creation of an income stream that is passive by the customer that monetizes their personal data. PDATA currency token shows the personal data value. Customers can now sell their personal data directly to companies.

The personal data is important to companies as it helps them to understand their customers and design products and services they desire. Nowadays this information (your personal data) is usually taken from you without your knowledge or consent. The information then sold and you are not the beneficiary of the profits. PDATA token is set to change that. The Opiria platform enables one to sell their personal data to companies and earn PDATA tokens that you can cash out for real money. Opiria is the best platform because it ensures fair, transparent and secure trading of your personal data that is fully compliant with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation.

How it Works

The PDATA token facilitates a two-sided economy composed of the consumer and company. Opiria platform is an existing product and has real ensuring fortunes for over 500 companies. The platform provides a direct market to their consumers and understanding their requirements so as to design better quality products and services that suit the customer.
Customers are free to decide what personal information to disclose and also decide who can get access to the information. The blockchain mechanism ensures customers anonymity and that the data privacy is upheld.
The Opiria platform is advantageous as it ensures secure trade without a middleman. The PDATA token puts a value on the data using a currency value. Companies now can easily access customers’ specific personal data of high quality and also get a better target market and high sales activity. The customers get value for their information in monetary benefits.

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