A new era has come Technologies are changing the world. What previously seemed to be impossible, today is already the reality. The time for change has come. So,let us understand what project is all about .

ountyhunters is an automated influencer marketing platform and bounty programs managing service. It’s built on the “action=reward” model, and it’s based on blockchain technology. The platform aims to help start-ups, ICO projects, and existing companies to increase awareness of its own brand in the market and to increase the number of significant mentions in social networks and specialized marketing, PR channels, and blogs. It aims to increase a project’s efficiency by reducing the time investment and financial cost and to facilitate interaction between companies and active participants in the social networks by making campaign more transparent and saving time and resources.

The Objectives

The platform aims to help start-ups, ICO projects and existing companies to increase their knowledge of their own brand in the market and increase the number of mentions in meaning in social networks and specialized marketing, public relations channels and blogs.

The main objective of the project is to increase the efficiency of a project by reducing the investment of time and the cost of financial and facilitating the interaction between companies and active participants in social networks by automating all associated business processes to the creation of marketing campaigns, their management, analysis, as well as active selection, participation and targeting of influencers, as well as the organization of the distribution of payments.

Features of The Bounty Hunters Platform

Bounty Host – A brand or a company that runs a bounty campaign. It usually is a new company trying to get into the market and needed awareness or some sort of advertisement.

Bounty Hunter/Influencer – The person who owns or manages a website, blog, or an account in the popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, VK, etc.) and creates a content at the request of the bounty host (makes reviews, articles,news, shares, retweets, etc.), receiving for each action a certain fee.

How The Bounty Hunters Platform Works?

A campaign is created by the bounty host , an influencer receives notification in a private dashboard on the launch of the new campaign. In case of confirmation of participation in the campaign from the side of the influencer and from the side of the host, the platform automatically creates a smart contract and deposits the minimum amount of money (identified by the host in the campaign details) for an escrow fund. After performing each action (posting content, repost, etc.), the platform automatically monitors and tracks all these actions. After the campaign ends, the automatic calculation and allocation of funds between the influencers is performed.

The platform uses a 3-level approach (host < > influencer, as well as the system itself) with a focus on its own verification system – Proof of Result (PoR). This verification system calculates the efficiency of each performed action and builds correlations. It provides a system with a real opportunity to assess the work of an influencer and make the solution (automatically) about the possibility of payoffs and the volume of additional bonuses (in the case of increased performance) to each influencer. One of the vital advantage is that the processes of calculating results and payouts is fully automated, and interactions between advertisers and influencers are backed by specially developed smart contracts.


The value of the token at the time of the crowdsale will be 1 HNTR = 0.5$.

ICO Period Start : 18th JULY

ICO Period End: 18th August

Token ticker symbol: HNTR

Type: ERC-20

Tokens for sale: 12,000,000

The Benefits of BountyHunters Platform

The benefits that Bountyhunters Icoreward Platform brings to its users are the following:

Increase the coverage of a target audience.

Produce the ability, in the shortest time possible, to attract a new audience and to present a brand to a broad but specific community.

Also, increase in ROI and conversion rates within the sales funnel.

Optimized marketing campaigns This is an opportunity to make campaigns more transparent from the point of view of ROI, CPA.

Reduce the financial and time costs associated with product launches and future management.

Saving time and resources thanks to the total automation of the processes and the automated monitoring of activities and payments.

Furthermore, the platform provides special advantages for the market:

Non-transparent prices are offered

It required considerable time for the organization of the relationship between an advertiser and a content editor

It offered limited tools for analyzing and reviewing the performance of both the campaign and the funds invested

They were risky from the point of view of payments and internal transactions.

Remember, This platform has already passed the half-year prototype period with high-load testing in a real market environment and successfully helped blockchain projects (such as Blackmoon Crypto, Chronobank , TAAS , etc) build relationships with the new audiences and promote their products/services.


The plans of the Company for current 2018 are:

First quarter:

Integration of cryptographic and tokenized frameworks.

Creation and audit of intelligent contracts

Attract a series of new influencers Integration with Wechat, Snapchat, Telegram

Launching of the rating system

Deep integration with Facebook API, Twitter API for additional analytical calculations of each social account – Protection of intellectual property (patent and copyright for development and trademark)

Launching of payment channels to attract the target audience

Second quarter:

Integration of deep analytical tools and advanced calculation of metrics and conversions

Multi-location and multi-language support

Global campaign of marketing and public relations

Involvement of major brands and agencies.


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