Technology nowadays gives an opportunity to satisfy the need of faster and efficient banking transaction. Information
system that is used in a bank is not only between business to business (B2B) but also between business to customer (B2C). Intrusion is an action of accessing one place or system without the permission of the owner. If a system has been
intruded, it means that it has compromise with the security aspects that is applied in the system. Intrusion might be done by anyone with security knowledge and could happen for any purpose – to gain and alter confidential data or to steal sum of money from the financial institution. Fault and failure caused by this intrusion not only decrease the system
performance but also client and customer’s trust towards this financial institution due to the risk of losing their money and assets in the bank. This is why LUX ANT DIGITALBANK is here to completely secure payment where the information is not transparent and there is an app to manage the transaction and also track the transaction as well and its really helpful for the people who wants to send money In fast and secure way and also people who are travelling and needs cash in urgent condition.

Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology that is engulfing every possible business domain. Blockchain market is expected to extend to over 20 billion dollars by 2024. It is counted in one of the most promising new technologies that are hoped to change the future of businesses and the internet.

see the below presentation:

Alux Bank is a technological startup that focuses on projects and developments related to Blockchain and Smart Contract.

The philosophy of the company is based on the following principles:

We are the future: the palpable coin we use on a daily basis will soon disappear from our pockets.
The exclusion of a mediator: during an economic transaction of two it isn’t necessary to have a third member.
The efficiency is on the increase: pay instantly without delays.
Improves the economy: we back up the alternative economy which gives back the power to the people.

Lux Ant Digital, with the help of new technology of "smart contracts", replaces the traditional measures of banking business and offers customers through smart contracts to fulfill the agreements reached in advance by the intermediaries through an autonomous and decentralized system of management and fulfillment of conditions.

Using the Lux Digital Ant platform, used as an electronic banking, you can build relationships with customers, suppliers, shops, completely controlling the transfer, payment and debiting process.
Secure payment card.

The innovative issue of a debit card, this means a new approach in the development of the card. This is a more functional card without a chip, using QR-code, which is presented directly with the indication of the bank account.
ATM network worldwide
Lux Ant Digital plans to implement a project to deploy ATMs to serve its customers, which will undoubtedly benefit the end user in the form of:

• exchange operations of crypto-currency, for example bitcoin and ether.

• input / output of digital assets through the national currency.

• operations to replenish the card.

Lux Ant Digital presents the main points of development:

• Personalized development of tokens.

• trading robot.

• Production of ATMs with software.

• Storage of digital assets.

• Counseling.

• Exchange service.

• A learning network in which companies may be interested.

Now the world is entering a new era, a new generation is growing and learning through new kinds of technology, comprehending the basics of communicating with the digital worlds from a small age. At this time, it is very important not to miss the process of introducing and using the new financial system in conjunction with well-established traditional banking services. What can be more important in the digital age than the ability to quickly and safely transform their digital assets into traditional capital preservation mechanisms, without intermediaries and commissions, around the clock and anywhere.

Benefits of Using Our Solutions

ALUX BANK project development will give us the following advantages:

Your Electronic Banking Platform can build close relationships with customers, suppliers, families, etc. And controls the experience of buying, selling, sending money and / or digital assets from login to the end of the transaction. Lux Ant Digital Smart Contract applies if an intermediary does not exist and thus reduces service costs.

Mobile Application

With the Alux Bank APP, you will be able to negotiate such as money transfers, savings, list collection or other payments, currency conversions, on-line purchases and micro loan requests, and others.

Payment cards

Innovative debit card payment payments allow us to provide an approach to designing simpler cards. This action functions, without requiring a chip and / or pin, using a simple QR code that is directly connected to the bank account.


With the ease of access to the accounts offered by Alux Bank, you can start saving and see how your money grows day by day.

Public & Private Microcredit

We want to provide capital to other users to be able to continue with loans or invest in several published projects, it can be done by Smart Contracts integrated in the Alux Bank platform.

Send & Receive Money

With the Digital Lux Ant platform presented as Electronic Banking, you will be able to start relationships with clients, suppliers, relatives, etc., and to control the experience of buying, selling, sending money and / or digital assets from the session to the end transaction.

Currency conversion

From our ATMs, partner stores, or Alux Bank mobile applications, you can make any currency conversion, instantly and with a minimum commission.

Own ATM Network & Collaboration with Stores

The main idea that led to the growth of Alux banking networks was how to promote their use, close contracts with businesses and work with companies to issue cards and refill, and even they have our ATMs in their place.


ALUX Description

Token created by Lux Ant Digital to generate the licenses required to create the final project.

Ticket Symbol - ALUX

History of Tokens - ERC-20 Tokens on Blockchain of Ethereum

Starting date

a) Personal pre-sale: 20 June - 31 August

b) Pre-general sales: 1 Sept.2018 - 31 Oct.2018

General Sales end date: November 1, 2018

Price of ALUX Tokens - Announced at pre-sale

Total number of issued ALUX Tokens - 1 Billion tokens

Limit on the use of Ethereum - After the pre-sale ends

Token transactions not for sale - Will be burned

Cryptocurrency received for sale of ALUX - Ethereum (ETH) & Bitcoin (BTC) tokens

Price of Token: Token Starting: 01/09/2018 - Token Ends: 1/11/2018

Token Start: September 1-15 - Original price: 1.20 - 90% discount - Token price 0.12

Stage 2: September 16-30 - Original price: 1.20 - 85% discount - Token price 0.18

Stage 3: October 1-15 - Original price: 1.20 - 60% discount - Token price 0.48

Stage 4: October 16-31 - Original price: 1.20 - 25% discount - Price of Token 0.90

Token Ends: November - Original price: 1.20 - 0% discount - Token price 1.20

Token Distribution & Token Allocation

Token Allocations

Public Sale: 50%

Team: 15%
Advisors: 5%
Bounties: 2%
POP: 10%
Reserve: 18%

Use of Funds

Software Development - 40%
ETH reservation - 20%
Legal Process Fee - 5%
Community Development - 7%
Administrative Fee - 8%

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