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A new era has come Technologies are changing the world. What previously seemed to be impossible, today is already the reality. Cryptocurrencies are already transforming the business world by providing a decentralised platform that enhances business and would make cryptos more real in the minds of consumers.
Cryptocurrency is an innovative ecosystem, already doing its magic in business all over the world, and it is here to stay. In case you do not know, cryptos are digital currencies, that do not depend on banks to transact due to its blockchain security, which records every transaction in an open-source list that lives in every single computer that becomes a part of this technology. Transactions with cryptos are done directly from one person to another, without the need of a third-party like PayPal.


Optherium’s Operating System and MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network™ fundamentally changes blockchain technology, making it highly usable for banking and finance industry.
The Optherium ecosystem is designed to provide fast, secure transactions with instant confirmations. It will act as an operating system for marketplaces, data-sharing networks, digital currencies, and decentralized communities. Every transaction and every piece of data is stored on a Multi-Decentralized Private Blockchains Network within the Optherium Ecosystem. Optherium Labs will create opportunities for enterprises to have a private-labeled product built for them within the Ecosystem. This will enable the enterprise to leverage the Optherium Ecosystem’s rapid transaction speeds, instant currency conversions and confirmations, Dynamic Biometrics based security verifications, and the Multi-Decentralized Digital Currency Exchange for their own benefits.

The Brains behind Optherium Project

On their website, https://optherium.io/ you can visit the “Team” section and simply by clicking on each team member's image or name you will be redirected to their professional linkedin profiles. Here you may consult and analyse each individual's expertise as much as you like. It's all been put there for us to see that they have what it takes to achieve their goals with ease and ultimately inspiring more confidence in all of us.

Our Unique Features

MultiDecentralized — uses an array of blockchains and nodes to improve functionality, operation executions and data recovery services.
Modular — flexible to add new functionality to operating systems and connect users to a multidecentralized private blockchain network.
Multisecure — splits data, encrypts, archives and distributes in multidecentralized private blockchain network. Ever piece has its own encryption.

The Optherium platform would ensure greater transparency and lesser complexities than any other existing platform

The platform will reduce excess high cost incurred during trading

Optherium platform will ensure efficient delivery of products as at when due.

Comprehensive Digital Rights Registry

Robust Know Your Customer Protocol

Powerful and comprehensive B2B and B2C platforms and capabilities

Revolutionary decentralized dynamic biometric security verification system.

Our Products includes:

  1. Ecosystem,

  2. VivusPay,

  3. B2B platform, and

4 BitCrox DEX.


VivusPay is an eWallet and companion mobile app that enables B2C users to securely manage their digital assets across a wide range of cryptocurrencies, secured with the company’s biometric authentication service and other technology.

                                                           <h1>B2B PLATFORM<h1/>

The Optherium B2B Platform targets financial institutions that want to integrate Optherium’s suite of products and services into their own systems.

                                                                  <h1>Bit Crox<h1/>

BitCrox is advertised as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that provides liquidity and instant conversions at over 100,000 transactions per second.

Token Details

Token Details:https://optherium.io/token-economy/

Website: https://optherium.io/

Telegram Chat — https://t.me/optherium_club

Telegram Channel — https://t.me/optherium_channel

Youtube — https://www.youtube.com/c/OptheriumLabs

Facebook Group — https://www.facebook.com/groups/optherium/

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