Review on REALTY RETURNS and the achievement of the Brains behind the project

A new era has come Technologies are changing the world. What previously seemed to be impossible, today is already the reality. Cryptocurrencies are already transforming the financial sector. By providing a real estate solution they would make cryptos more real in the minds of consumers.
Cryptocurrency is an innovative ecosystem, already doing its magic in real-estate all over the world, and it is here to stay. In case you do not know, cryptos are digital currencies, that do not depend on banks to transact due to its blockchain security, which records every transaction in an open-source list that lives in every single computer that becomes a part of this technology. Transactions with cryptos are done directly from one person to another, without the need of a third-party like PayPal.

Buy a house with cryptos. Really?

Cryptocurrency is becoming a way of payment for regular everyday things. And it is not hard to use cryptos anymore. I sincerely believe that in about 10 years, more or less, we will be doing practically everything with easy using cryptocurrency. Because the only thing you need to pay in cryptocurrency is the agreement of the seller, doesn’t matter what you are buying. If the seller says yes, then you have a trade. And Yes! It is seen as a trade, or a swap, because cryptos are said to be property not currency, which is the reason (in many countries) you do not pay taxes on it right away when you trade, buy or sell with cryptos until you turn those cryptos into FIAT currency (like USD and EURO). But you must inform yourself accordingly with the country where you may be trying to transact.

When I think of buying a house with cryptocurrency I confess I feel a little funny. Lol I mean funny, as in wait a minute, you serious? I cannot believe we have reached a place in time where we are purchasing apartments and absolutely everything you can possibly think of with digital currency. Something that was thought of as CRAZY 10 years ago, has turned ordinary people into millionaires.

Not many people believed in it, and the people who did, from high school drop-outs to serious investors are now combined into representing some…. I repeat…. MILLIONAIRES around the world. Here comes REALTYRETURNS


RealtyReturns is a transparent cross-border marketplace that is helping people around the globe access real estate and accumulate wealth through the blockchain. Through their online portal people from all over will be able to invest in fractional real estate and take advantage of income generation and capital appreciation.

RealtyReturns is addressing this by allowing people, such as yourself to invest in vetted and promising income generating real estate properties using cryptocurrency.

RealtyReturns is building a security token with a decentralized compliance protocol to create an industry standard for how asset-based tokens are issued and traded on the blockchain. The Returns Token is an open-source ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. What we are building is a compliance way that asset-backed tokens can be traded on any ERC-20 platform.

The Business model

This platform utilizes decentralized blockchain technology that will reduce the current system problem like there is no need for middleman, complex auditing system and it will reduce long settlement time. The RealtyReturns has a scalable and transparent business model in which buyer invest in property; it will charge 3% of the security token issuance.

We launched to help overseas investors and others avoid the volatility of the markets by securing their money in income generating properties and providing instant liquidity not previously offered by real estate. Manny Fernandez, Co-Founder, CEO

Tokens Details

The platform will issue two types of tokens namely Access tokens and Reality tokens.

Access Tokens

This token enable dividend payment in ETH cryptocurrency and return token must be held by the same account. This is known for a membership token and is designed to support our members’ without charging a transaction fee. This token can be sold or transferred to other members and it will be offered as a part of the pre-ICO, and it is a limited edition of an ERC-20 token.

Return Tokens

This token is basically backed by the physical real estate market. Each return token is connected to a specific property and can be sold on a security token exchange for liquidity. The type of this token is ERC-20 and the price in ICO of 1 RRT=0.00012 ETH.

Details of Tokens

Token RRT

Platform Ethereum

Type ERC20

Price in ICO 1 RRT = 0.00012 ETH

Investment Details

Accepting ETH

Sales code

Token Sale

20% of the total membership card will be created and organized by Realtyreturns Treasury, 10% will be advisors, influencers, team members, brand ambassadors, projects widely accepted, and incentives. 10% will be allocated to the founders and will be subject to a vesting period.

Maximum limit: $ 55 million - If sales reaches the cap, sales will close.

Token CrowdSale

Estimated start date: Q3 2018

$ 100 million @ $ 0.15

$ 20 million @ $ 0.30

20 Million @ 0.50 dollars

$ 10 million @ $ 0.75

Use of Proceeds

30% - Blockchain and Database Development

25% - Community, Adoption, Marketing

15% - Front End Network development

10% - First 5 properties

10% - Operation and services

5% - Legal/ Regulatory

5% - Cyber security

The Brains

If the team behind this project in question haven't the resources or knowledge, then we know the product or service delivered will possibly not have the quality it should have. We need to know two very important things when we look at a company:
Who are the people/team behind this?
What experience and knowledge do they possess?

Okay, so, because I've already done my research needed beforehand and thoroughly, REALTY RETURNS, I can very happily confirm that this company has a fabulous team onboard who has brought in their experience and credibility to provides a platform that uses blockchain and big data technologies to allow people, such as yourself to invest in vetted and promising income generating real estate properties using cryptocurrency.

The core team members of REALTY RETURNS are professionals and experts with several years experience in the business industry.

This sort of quality is inspiring. They have made sure to supply us with all the information we could possibly need, on them personally as a team, as well as them as a company. They are acting transparently and therefore receiving the trust they deserve from investors and potential users, like you and I.

On their website, you can visit the “Team” section and simply by clicking on each team member's image or name you will be redirected to their professional linkedin profiles. Here you may consult and analyse each individual's expertise as much as you like. It's all been put there for us to see that they have what it takes to achieve their goals with ease and ultimately inspiring more confidence in all of us.


We are living in the digital era where transparency and trust are more important for long-lasting success. The blockchain based RealtyReturns platform allows its customers for decentralized trading across any ecosystem that supports ERC-20 tokens. This platform will allow you to increases your liquidity, and this platform is helping people by allowing global access to real estate and accumulates wealth through the blockchain model. With the help of the online platform, people from all over the world will be allowed to invest in real estate and take the benefit of income generation in a more secure and transparent way.

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