Affiliate Summit East 2018. The Way It Was


The founders of the HOQU project visited the Affiliate Summit East 2018, which was held from July 29 to July 31 in New York at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel.

Thousands of participants from a large number of countries gathered in New York at the Affiliate Summit East 2018. The founders of the HOQU project were also among the participants of this large-scale and prominent event.

The three days of the event proved very eventful for the attendees as the program was saturated with high profile presentations and conferences about key industry topics. The founders of the HOQU project took advantage of the opportunities presented by the congregation of industry leaders and managed to communicate with a large number of industry professionals of affiliate marketing and make new acquaintances.

The founders were especially impressed by the fact that the HOQU project is becoming more recognizable, and more individuals and companies are showing interest in the project. It was clear that more potential participants of the platform were waiting for the first decentralized marketing platform to be launched.


Such high levels of popularity and anticipation of the HOQU project are most encouraging, and your support is our best motivation!

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