Opiria & PData - Decentralized ecosystem of personal data implementation.

I guess, that each of you faced with phone calls from an operator in which he/she asking about the quality of services, etc.. The same calls comes on behalf of the stores, where you recently bought things, equipment, vehicle, real estate, application on your mobile device or on a PC. In modern society there are a lot of spheres, whose operators ring up to you and want to know your opinion for not really clear reasons. Have you ever thought about the benefits achieving by them? Few people know, but your personal information is worth a lot of money and many of us didn't even think about it. In this regard, the "Opiria&PData" team begins to reflect about the concepts of the approach for making certain changes and entering this data on the market.
The company was founded in 2015 and soon they manage to launch the concept of the platform in a quite successful way. As a result, the beginning of 2017 gave pleasure to the localization of concept on the Chinese market. They achieved all this thanks to the team of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs, who understand the nuances of this area, as well as prospects of development.

In order to prove that it's not unfounded, The project analytics made a calculation of the market, on which they are going to come out, and such capitalization, on which they counting at the end of a start-up, based on the road map.

The direction of the market for collecting personal information is very differs from all the other, due to the constant demand from companies, whose market is aimed at improving the quality of its products. This is the right layer of the infinite economic potential. Its value is estimated at more than 200 billion USD per year. The annual increase of funds in this financial turnover is 14%.
Thanks to the blockchain, a smart-contract is created between the company and the data representative. During the interview is calculating the number of those tokens, which will participate in this exchange.

How does this work?

The interaction of this ecosystem, the receipt of personal information and the necessary data about the company's product is in the dApps “Opiria&Pdata”, which is available for both your smartphone and personal PC. Thanks to the elementary operations of your gadget, as well as the functionality of the token and platform, you can implement the following:

  • to receive PDATA tokens for the sale of personal data;

  • to participate in companies paid researches;

  • the rating system, consisting of the number of tokens on the user's wallet;

  • withdrawal of PDATA tokens into Fiat.

Due to the interaction of PDATA tokens and the "Opiria" platform, which creates a channel for access to the global decentralized personal data market, where companies buy them directly without the involvement of third parties, and therefore, the benefit for both sides increases (in the case of the consumer, the profit becomes real in the form of tokens). Anyone who wants to provide their information has the right to create an account in the application and start to provide their data. As described above, it could be in the form of loyalty programs or within the framework of product research on a particular manufacturer in the form of participation in the polls, or the collection the information regarding the location and outgoings of the consumer fastening personal account. They can decide by themselves which data they disclose in the "Opiria" database. The more active the representative of his information, the more influential his profile, which is based on the number of tokens, that are on the purse of the application.

Our vision is to develop a global decentralized market for the safe and transparent trading of personal data based on the blockchain, to set a PDATA token and the currency quality, that expresses the value of personal data.
At the moment, the platform is active in connection with the signed partnership agreements, in which the companies are interested. Particularly, the interest is based on improving of the quality of the implementation of certain services, related on the subjects-matters of the studies carried out and the process of implementing the information received from PDATA participants.
But the platform doesn't start its functioning because of the lack of tokenization and the mechanics of interaction of paid functions. ICO aims for the purpose of launching the entire ecosystem, attracting attention, etc.

The project doesn't stop on their achievies and publishes the information about the imminent launch of the second version of the product, which is scheduled for August - September 2018. Changes will concern the emotional analysis of the subject of the information flow aimed at the development of the company. This is a kind of tracking 100% of the consumer's reaction, because a kind of questionnaire cannot always fully convey the sensations. How they will be realized causes extreme interest to me. For now, the team announced only for the permission to activate the camera during the survey to track facial expressions.

General Information on Opiria&PData tokens
Product Name: PDATA
Price: 1 PDATA = 0,1 USD
Total issue of ARCONA: depending on ICO results
Number of tokens allocated to ICO: 750 000 000
Minimum investment: 0.025 ETH
Dates of Token Sale: 21.04.2018 - 21.05.2018

Information resources of the project:

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