Dinngo — The mobile digital currency exchange


DINNGO implements an in-depth integration with our cold wallet service which not only secures digital currencies but also strengthens the efficiency of the exchange.

Users hold their own private keys and digital currencies without any intervene from exchanges.
Two-phase verification, with DINNGO mobile application and cold wallet.
AES256 encrypted bluetooth connection between DINNGO mobile application and DINNGO cold wallet.

Dinngo revolutionizes the way digital currencies trade. The wallet is seamlessly integrated with the exchange, which provides a safe and convenient service for trading assets that the market needs. In accordance with the needs of the market, DINNGO forms an exchange for digital currencies that focuses on providing customers with the safest, fastest and most convenient service for asset trading.

It is also the first exchange with a simple two-phase verification using a mobile device and a cold wallet. Moreover, using the technical architecture of the newest hybrid exchanges, DINNGO generates quick matches through a smart mechanism for transaction matching, providing users with the ability to optimize asset allocation in a safe, convenient and efficient environment.

Detailed integrated cold wallets
Cold wallets, also known as hardware, are small devices that periodically connect to the network for transactions. They are incredibly safe, because for the most part they work offline and are therefore not susceptible to hacking. However, currently these offline devices require many additional steps to be taken to connect to the exchange.

For example, the most common LedgerNano S forces users to connect a USB cable, open a client program and establish a connection so that they can start trading. These actions can only be carried out on a computer (they are still unavailable on mobile devices), which is associated with problematic settings and entails transaction inefficiency.

In addition, DINNGO provides an alternative wallet that offers the best user experience. The project collaborates with manufacturers of cold wallets to implement the detailed integration of wallets with DINNGO mobile terminals. When users need a platform to complete a transaction, they will undergo simple two-phase verification via a mobile device and a cold wallet. First, they will be able to initiate a connection in order to purchase or sell through either a computer or mobile version of the interface for performing transactions. Then a notification from the application will appear on their mobile device.

As Vitalik Buterin noted, decentralized systems are more expensive in terms of attacks or manipulations, since they do not have central vulnerable points that can be attacked at a cost much smaller than the economic size of the surrounding system. Similarly with the approach to the storage of assets. Since hackers cannot attack the decentralized system, DINNGO can significantly reduce risks.

In addition, there are many tools that allow individuals to store their digital currency, such as online wallets that are on web pages or mobile apps, or cold wallets used by USB. They can even be printed directly on paper. Offline storage is less vulnerable to hacking.

DINNGO can serve as an intermediary between offline storage and users through detailed integration with cold wallets that can provide access to digital currency offline. As a result, the overall user risk is reduced, and the security of a private digital currency is greatly increased.

Ticker: DGO
Course: 1 ETH = 2,125 DGO
Soft cap: 4,000 ETH
Hard cap: 40,000 ETH

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Website : https://dinngo.co/
Whitepaper : https://crowdsale-files.dinngo.co/whitepaper
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dinngohq/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/dinngohq
Telegram : https://t.me/DINNGO
Medium : https://medium.com/dinngo-exchange
Ann Tread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4948105

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