Let's talk about investments?

Before my salary began to allow me to save some amount of money and invest wherever, I did not even think about investing my money somewhere. But now, thank God, I had such an opportunity.

Initially, I did not know where and how to invest money, so that they began to generate revenue. But since the topic of crypto currency is now very popular, I decided to take a chance and try to invest in some kind of project.

Successful ICO projects a lot, so why not ?!

I really long searched for a suitable candidate, which would be promising and understandable. I revised a lot of options and stopped at 5. But when I carefully studied them, the leaders remained 1 project in which I invested, in fact.

I think you've heard about Boosteroid, it's a large-scale project that represents a cloud services platform providing convenient access to computing power, storages and different software products.

I'll tell you what impressed me, that I decided to stay on it:
First idea! It is simple, realistic and very promising. Secondly, their road map, it is clear, achievable. And that very unimportant, the project is already being implemented and the capacities will be built regardless of the results of the ICO. So you do not have to worry about your investments.
And recently they shared the news that they themselves will create demand on the exchange, so that the price drop on the stock exchange can not be thought of.
The token corresponds to a real service. They offer not just unclear promises but a real service to investors.

Therefore, guys, if you are also looking for a worthy project, then pay attention to Boosteroid, as for me - this is really a worthy candidate!

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