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In this article we will talk about this amazing phenomenon as the network of the Hut34 Network, which originates from the times of the second world war! If You will be interested in reading about the history and other details of this project, I will leave the link to the white paper and other official sources of the project under the article!
For clarity, give an example of how The Hut34 Network:
For example, the user 1 and user 2.
1 user loves the weather and loves to create chat bots, but user 1 is very sad, because not so long ago the user number 1 met user 2, which told the user number 1, that there is a network called the Hut34 Network where people can monetize their benefits to society and to the tokens platform Hut34 The Network. Indeed, despite the fact that many people use the bot that shows weather, user number 1 is no benefit with this is not true as it turns out, agree? User number two well-known comedian, he creates jokes that amuse and delight people around the world, and he is also the Creator of the bot — the Joker. In contrast to user number 1, user number two, not confused and connected to the blockchain network, where it earns coins called Entropy.
The advantage of this network is that it is prostate, a very friendly site where you can instantly connect to any chat-bot. Very flexible and easy system where anyone can set the desired search parameters! For example, in the settings an option to choose a price for each answer of the bot, which will be sent to the network according to the requests of others. In my opinion, very convenient!
Platform Hut34 works in the following way:


User number 1 was inspired by the example user number 2 and decided not to waste any time and immediately join the network Hut34 in order to monetize your work. After the user has joined the network Hut34, there is a user number 3! The user number 3 is a longtime fan of the comic bot, which was created by user number 2. User number 3 was into jokes, which gave a humorous bot, laughed a lot and recommended a humorous bot to all my friends, since he loved jokes. Once the user number 3 decided to go fishing, to fish and to read your favorite jokes, but the weather did not inspire confidence and the user number 3 wanted to know what today will weather, turning to the bot user number 2. The user number 3, refers to the bot’s user number 2, what will be the weather, he wants to know if his fears? Of course, not difficult to guess that the comic bot does not know the answer to the question about the weather. But do not worry! Because the user number 3 is connected to the network Hut34 , the request will be processed automatically and the bot user number 1 will receive the prerogative to answer the query about the weather of the user number 3. Thus, the user number 3 will know what the weather will be today and whether or not to go fishing.
We get the following picture:

With bot user number 2 will automatically be charged a ridiculous Commission in favor of the bot user bot room 2 in Entropy tokens, which were discussed above. This approach makes this extremely useful platform beneficial for all participants. Because the user number 1 will receive benefit in the form of tokens Entropy. The user room 2 satisfied the user’s request number 3, was able to keep his regular customer, who received a portion of their favorite jokes and had a great time, because time and quickly got information about the weather!
About the token Entropy:
The name of the token — ENT (Entropy)
Working on a platform — Ethereum
The token type — ERC20
For investors:
Accepted — ETH
Distributed on AISI 50%
The maximum Capa — 30,000,000 * Week 5 ETH
The cost of the token 1 Ether = 500–750 ENT
Day 1 1 ETH = 750 ENT
Week 1 1 ETH = 652 ENT
Week 2 1 ETH = 588 ENT
Week 3 1 ETH = 545 ENT
Week 4 1 ETH = 517 ENT
Week 5 1 ETH = 500 ENT
The total number of tokens — 30,000,000
For more details follow the links:
WebSite: https://hut34.io/?utm_source=icodrops
White Paper: https://docsend.com/view/b4h7ygu
Twitter: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2200726.0
My bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1183270

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