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ETHLend ICO. Decentralized credits to the blockchain!


Hello to all my friends and readers. Today I want to introduce you to another, in my opinion a promising company ICO ETHLand.
ETHland is a decentralized platform for lending, designed on the Ethereum blockchain.
Platform ETHland using the Ethereum blockchain, is going to solve a lot of problems associated with lending.
For example, decentralized lending can be used for the purpose of obtaining a loan in Ethereum to participate in any ICO company. Also to be able to borrow altcoins or tokens in exchange for a quick sale.
ETHlend will not dwell on the crypto economy, but also will work with Fiat money.
ETHlend will provide mortgage loans as collateral will take the tokens are compatible with ERC-20.
In fact, I think it’s a really unique idea. The world of cryptocurrency is one place and expanding more and more every day.
It is worth noting that ETHLand will give users the platform to take loans in dollars and do the calculations, operations in ETH.
Information on the conduct of the company’s ICO:
Start ICO: 25/11/2017
Endind: 27/12/2017
The price of a token: 26 250 LEND = 1 ETH
For more information you can find on the official website or read the official document (White Paper), click the links below:
White Paper:
Bitcointalk [ANN]:
My bitcointalk username: Igor17Krik

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