Hdac ICO. M2M payment platform on blockchain.


Using the Hdac and the blockchain platform, the user will be able to connect and control many things from your device. It could be a smart car, smart home, smart watches. This can be generally any device which can connect.
Experts predict that by 2025 the world will be connected to 30 billion different devices.
Thanks to the Hdac platform, each user can be his own Bank.
Hdac platform includes three very important qualities: confidentiality, reliability, integrity.
The blockchain will be configured as hidden and secure network. So that all user devices are protected and network impossible to hack.
I want to note that Hdac is a truly unique blockchain technology in the future will be applied in many areas of production throughout the world.


Info Hdac ICO company:

The company’s goal: 6 000 BTC
The exchange rate: 0.10 BTC = 1 800 dac
The total number of tokens: 12 billion Hdac
Start ICO: 27/11/2017
End: 22/12/2017

WebSite: https://hdac.io/
White Paper: https://github.com/Hdactech/Hdac/wiki/Hdac-Technical-Whitepaper
Telegram: https://twitter.com/Hdactech
Twitter: https://t.me/Hdac_TGE
my bitcointalk username: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1183270

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