ICO CyberTrust. Or a way for big capital in the world of cryptocurrency.

What is this company and what problems will it address? Let’s look at the example. Suppose there is an institutional investor that is a legal person acting in the role of holder of funds. Such investors are various investment funds, credit unions or banks and this institutional investor wishes to invest in the cryptocurrency. Nothing complicated at first glance, there are so many cryptocurrency exchanges, you can sign up for any of them to buy. Yes, it is, but only easy can do it only a private person, and for example, the Bank can not, because he has a lot of insurmountable difficulties, the most important is the proof of possession of the cryptocurrency. Because this is a digital asset that was created to be decentralized and anonymous, the Bank will have its own address which will be stored bitcoins and private keys from this address, but the Bank will be able to prove that this address belongs to him? And what did he pay for digital money in a certain amount? There are many other legal issues that to be solved in accordance with the law is simply impossible, because it is not currently adapted to users of cryptocurrency.
Just imagine that this year the entire capitalization of bitcoin has grown 20 times, bitcoin has grown from $ 700 early in the year and has already crossed the mark of 7,000 dollars at the moment. With all this, institutional investors remained on the sidelines.
Cryptocurrency is a risky investment, but at the same time, as history shows, is very profitable, so there is a lot of interest from major investors for such investments. So is there a way to overcome all the legislative, tax, legal and also issues related to cyber security and to buy cryptocurrency institutional investors? It is a solution to this problem and offers CyberTrust.
This company began as a way of becoming more in 2014 , this can be seen in the roadmap of the project:
At this stage it is planned to raise funds by having the ICO, which can participate by anyone, it can be done on the website of the company https://www.cybertrust.io investing funds in return you will receive a token of the company, these tokenov will be a real application, it is with their help
institutional investors are buying derivatives on the analogy, or rather with their aid it will be possible to do it much cheaper, and just 35%, that is only when buying derivatives using data tokenov they will pay only 6.3% of the Commission for comparison now there are several companies which engage in the provision of such services, where the fee is about 80%, and sometimes more, Yes, that 80% of investors now have to pay for the opportunity to legally buy bitcoins.
How to operate this company? Investors will actually buy the currency and financial commitments to it in the form of derivatives, Let’s explain with an example: an investor buys CyberTrust derivative, eitim derivation assigned a specific cryptocurrency, which will be stored in CyberTrust, store she will be in Switzerland in a secure bunker, at any time the investor may request to sell bitcoin at the market rate and take their money, CyberTrust on its part will provide all the necessary evidence that the investor owns the cryptocurrency, and will act as the guarantor, will also ensure the safety of its storage, audit cryptocurrency on the subject of its legal origin, is also a feature of this company is that it will be in Luxembourg, this means that when you buy cryptocurrency institutional investors will not have to pay taxes in the country, they will pay them in the country in which they are located.
I believe that the solution offered by CyberTrust for the moment is simply essential, and this company has all chances to become successful, as I have said now is the ICO to invest on the company website https://www.cybertrust.io before investing I advise you to read with the white paper project: https://www.cybertrust.io/CyberTrust-WhitePaper.pdf the truth is that it is only in English.
WebSite: https://www.cybertrust.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cybertrustbank
White Paper: https://www.cybertrust.io/CyberTrust-WhitePaper.pdf
Bitcointalk [ANN]: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2271223.0

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