Realisto ICO. Investing in property in blokchaine.


The blockchain is becoming more popular every day. There are many different projects associated with investing. More details I would like to focus on one project, I think the most promising and feasible in this field “Realisto”.
Platform Realisto gives us normal users, to invest in real estate. First and foremost I want to say that this is not a new site. The parent company of this project “Realisto” are on the market in Berlin since 2011. Work quite successfully. The meaning of the work is as follows: Realisto looking for a property that will be profitable and offers the participants the holders of its tokens (REA), to vote on a property you need to purchase. After that, the company Realisto engaged in the management, development and operates in accordance with the plan. It is clear that only from the rental of real estate, will ensure the constant growth of the token (REA).
The app “Realisto”, will be fully affected system to anyone. This means that any user who installed the app on your phone or PC will be able to invest in property, regardless of where she was.
Immediately after the completion of the ICO, half of the proceeds from the company, the team intends to acquire a portfolio of assets with real estate. This will be the initial pool of “Realisto”. After the first stage, the team Realisto will provide owners with a token, developed projects to vote for their implementation.



Tokens company “Realisto” is really unique. They will be controlled by using a special app, which will soon be released. Tokens (REA) is a kind of acquired assets from the invested real estate. You will be able to invest in bitcoin or BTC ETH c any point of the globe. I think this is really a unique technology, which gives us blokchaine. It really is very simple, as you save a lot of your time. No hidden costs, local taxes and loads of other red tape.

Information about ICO of the company:

You can now buy tokens with a 30% discount for 0.70$!

Start ICO = 25/11/2017
The end of ICO = 25/12/2017

1 week ICO price of one token (REA) = 0.85$
2 week ICO the price of one token (REA) = 0.90$
3 week the ICO price of one token (REA) = 0.95$
4 week ICO the price of one token (REA) = 1.00$

Token: ERC20 Ethereum

Web-Site -

White Repers [ENG] —

White Pepers [RUS] —

My bitcointalk url:;u=1183270

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