Distributed cybersecurity for IoT

Hello guys, I found something very interesting on the internet, I wish to share with you today. I will be talking about NOVAM today. If you may ask what is NOVAM?

NOVAM is a platform that protects networks and endpoints by a mitigating and monitoring means which treats the global Internet of Things that is (IoT) devices. So we found out that the platform has a lot to offer to it users like security, management department Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and so on. Having blockchain in the platform actually means that it ensures a better hardware and operating system. Novam’s machine features a lot like probabilistic mathematics, learning, patent-pending tactics which all makes the platform enable action without even prior knowledge of the possible threats.
So basically, Novam platform is totally designed to monitor, identify, and alert an initiate immune system response that is removed, due to treats, replaces and mitigates automatically. However, they focus on cybersecurity, software vendors, hardware vendors, and products. It features a token which I will talk about later.

So they came up with an idea by solving major traditional information security that is generic, inflexible and leaked systems. So basically, they are two types of machine learning, they are; the supervised machine learning and the unsupervised machine learning. I will talk about them briefly.
This particular machine learning maps out input to an output based system like input-output pairs. Basically, the system allows training data to pass through a system which determines the outcome. However, antivirus can recognize threats that are seen or uploaded in a database. So these are some disadvantages to this system;
• Labeling Training data can increase cost and time manually.
• Malicious threats posed that are not actually recognized can damage/compromise a system.
This system is a unique one that draws basically inferences from unlabeled data and unrecognized patterns or determines the previously undefined and relationships. So while do I say the system is unique, this is because, without prior knowledge, it discovers unknown behavior that enables human security to look for threats.
So the platform comes in here by developing unsupervised learning suite which basically analyzes data network globally and endpoints at scale.

It features so many new stuff that users can stick to and I will be briefly talking about the major ones.
• Security: having a top security system means that the platform has ensured a more strict system such as each message that are sent through the platform will be digitally signed in with the platform’s private key node. However, this will help aid a guarantee that each message that passes through the system will be from the actual claimed address that it is sent from.
• Privacy: Unlike security, privacy is another important feature in the system, using the platform you don’t need to worry about your private data because with top protocols information are sent through private encrypted channels. Every transaction sent means that private keys are shared. So the platform has provided a top privacy for users.
Some other feature may include;
o Data agnostic

o Probabilistic

o Robust

o Attestation

So the Novam token will be used as a utility token to provide access to the platform’s network and services that all include mitigating threats, regulatory compliance, auditing, and monitoring. Like I said earlier, they are more and more to stick on in the platform.

So finally, I will say that this is an opportunity as it seems, why not be a part of this. You will always be happy to be a part. NOVAM is the best.
For more information, visit the links below. Thanks.
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Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2313436

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