Hello guys, today I have found something very interesting during my article review I wish to share with you and I hope you like it. Today is an amazing topic I will be talking about VENA NETWORK and what it has brought to the society actually.


Vena Network is a blockchain decentralized financial digital asset and exchange network platform that actually works through vena protocol. However, these protocols are divided into two different layers;

  1. Basic Protocol Layer: this particular protocol allows mainly on routing, configuration, financial businesses, registrations and so on. You find out these particular protocol does majorly some important work in the platform and it enables users to do some certain things also.

  2. Asset Protocol Layer: this actually is totally based on assets, user’s contract interface, and so on. We also found out that business implementation and financial businesses are all carried out in this layer.

Vena protocol is available thus they do create a p2p transaction system, digital asset insurance and more. However, Vena Network has made it clear that all operations will be controlled by smart contract codes hence to prevent fraud into the system. What else do users want from a platform than to benefit, Vena Network has made it possible for it users to benefit from its platform which will be from the growing of cryptocurrency market and other major ways on the platform.


Vena Network is based on Block as I said earlier but I want to throw more light on that. The blockchain is a decentralized digital asset that has an undisruptive system which eventually has the power to distribute ledger, collect observed protocols for validating inter-node blocks and communications and a source where data can be arranged. Vena Network, however, is an open source that wants to highly develop cryptocurrency ecosystem. Vena Network comprises of many characteristics which are all featured in the platform. I would be listing some of them below.

• Vena Network has fully constructed appropriate commercial network all by using a tokenized monetary model.

• It all support standard NFT (non-fungible token) and indirect value loans that are collected for the portfolio over self-define terms agreement.

• All transactions are supported either by fiat currency, cryptocurrency or collateral loans. All are accepted in the platform.

• Elimination of the falling collateral prices by liquidation system.

• ERC20, ETH, BTC, BCH, and EOS are all supported thus more are also said to be among in the future.

They are so many characteristics if you want that you can actually stick on in Vena Network new ones to be precise.


So I will be listing them below, they are;

 Offline transaction

 Centralized OTC exchange

 A centralized collateral loan system

 Credit loans

Other protocol procedures may include handshake in most trading cases and using fiat currency to get cryptocurrency. The platform has an investment fund been raised and a foundation that is basically going to bring together investment funds of top companies for investing in its platform. Using blockchain technology, investment will be exceptional in the platform and besides vena protocols will all be included.

The platform has a token that will be utilized through the distribution of the platform, hence the token will be a means for operation in its platform for users.


I would say this a big opportunity to go into this. You can be a part no doubt. Vena Network has given individuals to chance to benefit from a great platform like this.

For more details, visit the links below. Thanks.

BitcoinTalk Username: kelvinkent

Website: http://vena.network/en

Whitepaper: http://whitepaper-en.vena.network/#1-introduction-of-vena-network

Telegram: https://t.me/vena_network

Twitter: https://t.me/vena_network

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vena-Network-207271413455484/

Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2313436

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