Wat sup guys, I found something amazing during my article review I wish to share with you and I hope you love it. Blockchain has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years of existence hence, it been a life-changing system. The Blockchain is originally a growing list of records that are called blocks and are linked using cryptography. I want to introduce something spectacular to you. I found a platform by called UMKA.


A decentralized labor market platform will give you UMKA. It allows individuals to improve efficient projects implementation and team building tools which will be on blockchain technology. The platform has created through their project an educational institutions, specialist, customer and more. Basically, the platform uses an agile smart contract that is a contract which is a computer protocol that is intended to digitally facilitate, enforce negotiations, verify or a contract performance. It actually allows the performance of conclusive transactions without third parties.


So what are major problems similar to the platform and the solution UMKA has provided?

• Centralization: we found out most platform per say accumulate and manage individual data and finance in a single entity. This can cause the system parameters to amend, regulation forms, commissions and amount of fees are all don without the user consent. However, UMKA is a fully decentralized system and can be managed by users. Blockchain comes in because all users’ data, ratings, and data on transactions are stored.

• A high commission fee, the major freelancing platform may range from 2.7% to 20% of transaction amount been done. However, UMKA is bringing a better offer by reducing the commission fee to 1% per transaction besides, to support and further services, commission transaction receipts will be used.

• Worrying about low speed? The most existing decentralized platform is extremely slow with a transaction cost of $2 USD. They are not actually moving forward. However, UMKA has provided thus, a fast and inexpensive Blockchain smart contract that is based on DPOS consensus mechanism. The platform will be using fiat and cryptocurrencies assets to speed and make transactions fast.

• You find out that there are poor integrations in the freelancing community thus, freelancers face an information gap. They are extremely difficult information that is hard to understand per say. However, UMKA has categorized each freelancer thus, creating a community/chat board where a freelancer can communicate with each other, share experience, learn news and network.

• You find out that freelancing platform does not offer an opportunity for teamwork. However, an opportunity has been created so that freelancers can come together as a project team. A room has been created to tackle team tasks.


 Digital passport which contains user’s data. All data are stored on Blockchain thus, it all contains information about the user’s qualification, skills, work experience and few lists of completed courses.

 Project groups are only for cooperation with freelancers in the platform.

 Users can communicate freely with different languages because the platform has integrated Google Neutral Machine Translation.

 What else do users want when the platform has fully integrated online courses from top universities and offer new skills to learn so that users to take them. However, results are then recorded in the user’s digital passport.

 24/7 hours of technical support to customers.

It has a mobile app which can be used in either Android or IOS operating system. It also features a token called UMK token that will be used in the platform. User’s token balance will be shown in their wallet and they will be rewarded too.


I would say a great chance for freelancers. UKMA platform has created and made it possible for us too with them.

For more information, visit the links below. Thanks.

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UMKA | Business Work Education



[ANN] [ICO] UMKA - Decentralized Labor Market


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