What sup Guys? Today I will be talking more about news, the major problems the news industry faces and the possible solution. We all know the essence of news in an environment or a community nowadays. If something bad happens in a community you can’t imagine the how the incident will spread like wildfire, that the power of news.
News is information about current events. Basically, it can be provided through different media like broadcasting, printing, the postal system and so on. Major topics for news reports are politics, entertainment, fashion, health, business, environment, war, and so on. so mainly, these are the main news broadcast many people know like the newspaper, radio, television, the internet, phones, and billboard.
In the past decades, news industries like Walt Disney Company, Time Warner Inc., News Cooperation and so on controlled 90% of the industry besides, these industries make it possible for huge networks and publications to be focused on political affairs/interests. This, in turn, may affect how the public receives current news events. Individual’s sense is influenced also because they constantly repeat broadcasts. For most people, it might be a new story but it actually the case. Today the news industry lacks transparency, little or no regulations and lack of choices for consumers. Most news per say are fake news and they are a huge number of fake news being published every day to the public hence, the growth of blogging and social platforms has turned publishing to what I would consider a fully democratized action. In the other hand, political issues are been published in one way or the other, this raises the amount of power for them to do what it takes using these media as a point to reach individuals vying for posts, taking a huge sum of money from corporations for donations and so on. So what am I trying to elaborate? Actually, the solution is CEWNOTE.

Cewnote is a News platform based on Blockchain that is controlled by a non-government organization, which wants to combine news creation in a decentralized network system that enables a means for providing factual contents which aids a better community of writers, reviewers, and readers. Cewnote has tremendously a big alternative for individuals and in the news industry thus, providing a more empowering platform so that news contents can be created for readers and for its hard working writers. Cewnote has made it clear that they getting rid of advertisers and won’t need revenue from displayed ads.
It will feature a Cewnote token that will be used on its platform. Each of these tokens is linked to Ethereum Blockchain and the act of reviewing and writing an article on its platform will be rewarded through the token. Unlike our traditional News, this platform plays a major role in the industry by making readers focus on the writers content that is been published to the public without any corporate influence, transparency through Blockchain technology and a better functionality and power. So basically I would like to point out some benefit of the platform,

• Easy to use

• Secure usage

• Fast usage system

It features a mobile app that will be available in both Android and Apple operating system, a mobile wallet, user’s choices of personalization and more to stick on.
So they have the major actors on the platform the writers who submit news content on it platform which are in form of articles, the reviewers who read the submitted article and take cares of inaccurate, grammatical errors and classification of content, the readers the people who get to read these news content, the publishers they are like the final consumers they are the ones who get to publish articles and make sure that all the sources are intact.

Finally, I would say that a better opportunity has come so that individuals can be updated through its platform and their interest in the kind of news that is posted. Cewnote is indeed the best platform for news.

For details/information, visit the links below. Thanks.
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Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2313436

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