Do you like to travel? Well, today I will be talking about a platform that wants to make your traveling more simple, fun and exciting. But before I talk about that, I will be talking about blockchain briefly.
The blockchain is a digital asset that records data, validates inter-node new blocks, collects protocol peer-to-peer network, arrange data and distribute ledger. The blockchain is also an undisruptive service that has the capability to do anything. Blockchain also by design can be resistant to all modification of data, it record transactions between two parties, it verifies and efficiently store them.
Blockchain has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, it has been a top secured and decentralized system since it existed. Satoshi Nakamoto invented the blockchain 2008 and since then things have been moving well. So why am I elaborating on this, it is because there is a platform in the market right now and it is called MIXRENT?


MIXRENT is a platform based on blockchain that wants to connect transport owners, travelers, and assistants all over the work. Very easy, just find your destination let MIXRENT talk you there. So users of the platform will be able to use choose their favorite destination and boom they will be able to get there. Through our ecosystem, the user can be able to choose his/her destination, transportations that are available are a car, yacht, bicycle or whatsoever. However, users of the platform can be able to rent transportations for their destinations.


The platform is not existing for the first time, it has been operational since the year 2017, so for that year it has achieved a lot like; the unit of transport is 9500+ and it is increasing daily, numbers of users for the first half year 12000+, 6 countries namely Canada, USA, Mexico, Russia, South Korea and Australia and having 3069+ orders and around 200 orders daily. They plan to increase all of this so it can be massive. The platform solves the challenges of;
• Lack of trust: Mixrent has solved the challenge of lack of trust in the peer-to-peer transactions thus, using blockchain means that the platform has a distributed ledger which makes it transaction made cannot be changed by any or used by any other individual thus, making more safer for users in the platform. However, the trust will be built in that way.
• Huge amounts of deposits and massive risk of losses: you find out that individual put all they have to and what happens next will be very tragic, meaning they lose money. Mixrent has brought to individuals in such situation a solution. However, they have brought a p2p lending community. For easy and safe distribution made.
• Hidden commissions: you find out that users don't know about these commissions until after their transactions are made. Mixrent rental users can be able to see all the commissions which mean there is no hidden commission thus, data transactions can be seen through public blockchain.



The platform features so many features if I may say and I will be listing a few of them. They are;
• Profitable offer
• Comfort of clients
• Ability to monetize any transport
• Rent impression actually, not transport
• Special offers from owners
So there other feature like a mobile application, multilingual support and so on. It features a utility token called MIX tokens and this token is actually limited to 6 billion that will be released.



I will say Mixrent has made comfort actually available for all users can do anything they feel like doing, renting also. It feels very nice to be a part of this.
For more details, click on the links below. Thanks.
BitcoinTalk Username: kelvinkent
Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2313436

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