Hello guys, I was doing my article review when I bump into something interesting I want to talk about today. It will be based on a topic everybody would like to know about. So today we will be talking about our normal parking space for drivers, what it cost most of them, the problem and the possible solution.
If you are a driver I bet you will know the traffic frustrations while driving sometimes especially in urban areas. That morning, that you will want to go to your working place in the city you find out there are tons of vehicles on the road. In this condition, you fuel burns, mostly the air pollution caused by most vehicles are so devastating and many others. You find out that in New York City drivers spend on average 107 hours driving per year looking for parking space. Eventually, this cost $2,243 that actually per driver per year so imagine what other cities will be taking yearly or so.
You find out that wasting fuel in such situations is one major part that cost a lot in search for a parking spot. In most cities, it is said that drivers are charged a lot for parking and most times are also charged for not even doing so.

A research told us that one of the biggest problems that most drivers face/experience is searching for parking space in tight corners besides, parking availability, cost of parking and so on all add to the driver’s problem as it stands. You might be asking what the incredible platform that brought an idea well, I introduce to you PARKSEN.


Parksen is a based Ethereum Blockchain platform that features a parking application so as to enable real information on traffic situations, however, a way that helps drivers find the nearest and cheap parking spots around. Moreover, with the help of great teams, the platform has an Application Program Interface (API) and dashboards for parking garages, maintenance worker, companies, municipalities, consumers and emergency services. All these actually will run in one platform Parksen Parking Cloud.
The API and dashboards will be connected surely to different smart city solutions thus, these will focus heavily on smart car technology and ioT integrations. Hence, the platform app will enhance users with an accurate constant stream and providing a real-time solution in the streets.


Parksen platform will feature a utility token that will be based on Ethereum and Blockchain. The token will be used on several occasions depending on the kind of users. Easy! Drivers can make payment for parking with the token.
It will be cool by using all the available parking spot in cities hence, no parking spots are wasted. Do you have a parking spot in your apartment or anywhere, you can quickly rent it out to your commuters through Parksen platform and make some profits? But first, you’ve got to be registered to the platform, you will be offered a contract then follow steps. Note, Parksen platform will have to claim 5-10% for facilitating services.

Basically, all can be a part of the platform, any spotted unused parking spots or if you are the owner you can contact Parksen and by doing that you will be earning PARQ token. However, the information and the completeness of the number of parking spot given/added to the system will be based on the amount of token earned. Parksen will handle the rest by improving the stability and accuracy of the system.


Finally a chance, this is for all, everybody who usually got stuck in a traffic congestion. I recommend these platform for all, indeed an opportunity and a breakthrough for all individuals. No more running around the road because of traffic jams, Parksen has made an impact where it’s important the most.

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