Decentralized Labor Market Based on Blockchain

Hello guy, welcome to yet my latest article review I wish to share with you today. Well, I will be talking about a new platform that is in the market today a freelancing platform, blockchain based more integrated new features but before I start talking about the platform I will briefly explain what freelancing and blockchain are all about.
A freelancer is a person who is basically self-employed and is not actually committed to a long-term employment. However, freelance worker s could be represented by a company that basically resells freelance labors to a client. Furthermore, freelancers can work independently or find a website to get to get to work or can use professional associations. So freelance fields, industries, maybe include music, acting, writing, computer programming, graphic design, web design, illustrating, translating, video production and film. They may be another piece of works that they also involve in like cultural theorist and so on.
The blockchain is a list of growing records that are basically called blocks that are linked using cryptography. However, by design blockchain is actually can be described as resistant to modification of the data. Blockchain can also be described as an openly distributed ledger which can record transactions through two parties without any delay and in a permanent and verifiable way.
Blockchain has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years of the invention in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It serves as a public transaction ledger of cryptocurrency bitcoin. Yes, what am I trying to elaborate, today's platform Is called UMKA.

UMKA is a decentralized platform based on blockchain that will be managing users system. Apart from that, transactions ratings user’s data will all be stored on the blockchain. However, the platform has an Agile Smart Contract which basically allows payment and amendment to be made stage by stage. The platform will establish a main requirement for freelancers so as to enhance analysis. Information will be accessible to freelancers and educational institutions. The platform also has created a freelancing category so as to enhance interactions and create a professional chat for freelancers so they can share their experience, learn the news, and networks.
Basically, the platform is creating an opportunity for freelancers by bringing together a team that will be moderated by the employers. So Agile Smart Contract, however, ensures that they are possibilities of amending the parameters of each three of them and with the consent of both parties. Having blockchain it the platform means that you are safe from all angle.
So the platform features seamlessly new unique tools that will be used on the platform. I will be talking about a few of them briefly.

o UMKA Digital Passport: particularly, this feature is based on the UMKA profile which will be containing digital passport and user data. The freelancer passport will record the user’s professional development, qualification, and areas. An employer’s passport also will contain the contractor's company file and feedbacks.
o Payment: so the platform will have a transaction system that will be done within the service by using UMKA Wallet. It all means that users will create a wallet that personally to use ether credit or debit card also, cryptocurrency wallet or Paypal will be used.
o Fee: we found out that the platform will be taking 1% fee of the amount of transaction of the employer. If you may ask why the 1% fee? Well, the fee has been established with full confidence in the platform so that services will be made for freelancers absolutely free.
o UMKA Mobile App: UMKA platform has made it easier for users to use the platform by integrating it into Android and IOS operating system making it very possible to use everywhere.
o UMK Token: so the platform features a token called UMK Token that will be used to participate in the distribution of revenues in the platform. All the tokens balance can be seen in the user’s wallet and rewards also.
They are more features, maybe if I start listing them I might not finish so those are the major ones above.

Finally, I would say a great opportunity for a freelancer, you have the right to do what you think is good for the platform to enhance growth. Nevertheless, the best in the market now.
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