What's up guys, I will be talking about what I saw during my article review that I would be sharing to with you today. We all may know about the online travel agencies (OTAs), if you don’t know them I will briefly be talking about them, their challenges and the solution.

So what is this OTAs if you may ask, these guys have undeniable access to online individual hotels online and they can also use the advantage on low demands for prices by customers. However, OTAs are largely grown and are actually generating high revenue than before. Besides, they have a direct impact on the hotel industry.

What happens is that these OTAs and Customers are actually benefiting from the business, so we found out that the industry is actually facing a situation whereby goods or service will be creating massively fewer profits than a business intermediating its sales. It turns into a loyalty program market, expanding to a larger value for its customers while hotels stand a chance to lose even with their larger value of the brand control.

Easier said and done, we found a platform that has the perfect solution for whatsoever the OTAs is not doing right. The platform is GOeureka.

GOeureka is a platform based on blockchain that put itself first, a decentralized and transparent platform that partners with hotels. They will be transforming loyalty traditional system and increasing the value of all hotels for it customer. So basically these are how they aim to do this by;

o Enabling Re-booking feature for all hotel rooms

o It supports mobile application and with a commission-free booking platform also.

o It enables transactions through cryptocurrencies.

o Crypto-enabled interoperability loyalty points.

o Access to about 170,000 hotels worldwide.

OTAs have totally decrease hotels margin however, the platform has provided an efficient and affordable way in which customers and hotels can actually benefit from each other and interact also. More like a community will have been created, this allows the public and the developers to talk about new ideas and features that they think will enhance the platform.

Which means that customers will be rewarded for new ideas and feature brought within the platform. It features a token which I will be talking about later, this token can be used to carry out payment within the platform thus, no extra fee will be charged. Using your credit card or any cryptocurrency, the platform will charge 5% of transactions made. Why it is like this is because they want to protect the interest of all token holders of the platform.

Let me give you some instances on how the re-booking feature works. Let’s say;

 A customer makes a booking for a room at $400 for a stay of maybe 7 days.

 The re-booking algorithm will be checking for the price drop for the customer continually.

 Maybe 3 days later the same customer's room could now be advertised for $380 depending on the rate and price of drop

 The room will now be re-booked automatically at the rate of $380

 Now, the customer will now be notified that he/she just saved $20 on his booking.

The platform has designed a website with a nice interface where hotels can update their prices and manage to list in the platform customers will be prompted anytime the rate of prices changes in the platform and hotels can now make information concerning prompted lower prices.

It has so many features if I may say so I would be talking about a few of them;


o Payment processing: you can make payment using cryptocurrency, fiat currency, and loyalty points.

o Events near you: through the app, you can discover the latest promotions and happenings around your location which will make it livelier for customers and an unforgettable experience too.

o Booking Information: ability to manage booking information, historical booking information and calendar of future bookings.


o Room services: the ability for customers to browse the menus and restaurant in the hotel, easily request for a room service and the order is sent immediately.

o Hotel Events: update might pop up about recent happening at the surrounding area/location.

o Room Key: simply access the hotel room through the app, which means that loss of room number and key are no longer big deals.

They are more additional features you can be sticking with because in this platform they are all endless.

The platform features a token called GO Token. The token is a digital token which is basically designed to handle transactions in the platform for purchases of internal processes, room nights, hotel services and more within the platform.

Finally, I will say that GOeureka has given us a true reason to work with them as it tends, everyone will surely benefit.
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