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Do you love music? Well, today I will be talking about music and it upgrades based on the new platform. But first, let’s now know what music is all about.

Music is a form of cultural activity, through which the music flow sound is organized in time. However, music has so many definitions, you can define music as the art of combining instrumental sounds and vocals which produces harmony, a beauty of form, expression of emotions, and there is more definition though. There are more fact that song possess.

Besides, music was first digitized in form of MP3, audio, cassettes and so on, till date we still enjoy in any form that it is played, most people even prefer playing a music video or whatsoever. However, the music industry is known to be a business related to the sale and creation of music. It may consist of composers and songwriters who create music pieces, and a new song, sound engineers and music producers who record songs, pieces, record labels and publishers who distribute recorded label also sheet music and music products are all recorded internationally and so on.

You might be asking what, what am trying to elaborate. I present to MUZIKA


Muzika is a platform that creates a new digital ecosystem for music that tremendously they can achieve the distribution and productions of repeated songs thus, allowing for musical growth and creations so as to rebuild the digital music industry income and distribution hierarchy. Besides the platform has been there for such a long time now having at least two million existing active users. So with all these years, they have actually found out a way to build a community ruined by incentivized and loyal individual.

Muzika is such a brilliant platform, it has all things intact for individuals, and it will now change the way music is surely played. So basically these are the following missions of Muzika.

• Provision of opportunities to listeners and fans around the world so they can expand their role of the musical product lifecycle.

• Creation of an ecosystem which will provide an update to the body of today’s digital music industry.

• Development of economic compensation for music creation that is directly proportional to the interest and effort that are contributed by people involved in the creative process.


So basically, the platform features a coin called the Musika coin (MZK) which is designed to be a part of the mission that creates an ecosystem in different of ways. So they are 4 (four) major functions that MZK features. They are;

  1. Community Building: the platform has created an ecosystem that will contain majorly all necessary activities and functions. This will enable individuals to send feedbacks, brainstorm and more.

  2. Transactions mean for services and commercial items: the platform has made it possible for individuals to stream, recording services, musical instruments and more that will be available in the platform.

  3. Sponsorships opportunities: for these, they have created a way users may sponsor artists and they can become their patrons in so many ways. Users can enjoy services, sponsor-only products and have an opportunity in the creative process of music product only as a patron.

  4. Community programs: in this platform, events and community programs which are a contest, auditions, live streaming event and more are moved by members and so on.

    Through Blockchain the system has updated so major things that are very important like building an angular and electron system were artists can quickly login to their Ethereum wallets and so on. There is so many amazing stuff you will find on the platform and you can do just anything.


A great opportunity indeed for music to be exposed to another level. I would say this is just the best and is basically for the future. Musika has finally put a smile on music lovers faces.

For exclusive details, click on the links below. Thanks.

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