UHIVE, Unique Social Network Platforms with Physical Dimensions

With the gaining traction on Mobile social networks forecasted to surpass more than 6.2-billion users within this year. Combined with the advancing mobile processors and most importantly, the ever increasing active population in the world, it’s not difficult to see that we have a growing potential. UHIVE is set to challenge the status quo with said growing potential contributing to its development. Visit the official site (https://ico.uhive.io/)

What is UHIVE’s mission?

Aiming to transform social networking into an entire different thing by combining human physchology and technological capabilities from Blockchain and artificial inteligence. UHIVE is capable of delivering a natural yet unique and incredibly entertaining experiences. The platform’s commitment to enhance individual interactios within groups, societies and dyads is done can be seen from its concrete move.

UHIVE is set to pave the way by developing the world’s first social platform equipped with physical dimensions. Tirelessly pushing themselves toward social networking’s new edge, UHIVE will not only provide users with common interaction options. The platform will not only be equipped with comments or media sharing capabilities, but also the unique opportunity to walk through unique yet infinite spaces.

Unlike many social networking platform nowadays, UHIVE does not limit its users from searching for relevant words, hashtags or keywords. In order to start up journey and explore random topics and communities, UHIVE will grant them with flexibility. The platform’s realistic experiences does not only provide users with sight sensors to perceive information. But also to perceive said information through visual representations involving visual effects, depth perception, size and scaling, and more.

UHIVE’s two innovative and unique platforms

The platform offers two different experiences which are equally unique and highly innovative. Referred to as Civilized World and Grey World, see the following section to learn their differences and what they have to offer:

The Civilized World
This particular experience follows the earth and all aspects it has to offer. The Civilized World offers an incredibly civilized network governed by a set of rules and imposed regulations. The identities in this environment are guaranteed to be real, giving users the ability to meet other people and connect with friends and families. This network is largely influenced by a myriad of external factors such as social norms, globat regulaitons, and politics.

Grey World
Unlike the Civilized World, UHIVE offers an option for those wanting decentralized structure. Based on their unique hybrid of blockchain technology, the Grey World provides an option to be completely anonymous. Whether it be by location, or identity. Defying social norms, the Grey World also completely defies external political regulations and social norms. Giving infinite spaces for users to inhabit while providing complete identity isolation for privacy purposes.

The platform is set to introduce UHIVE Token, its own digital currency that is liken to gold. This UHIVE Tokens are not only portable and divisible, but also recognizable and limited in supply. With such limited supply, however, the platform has the capability to provide abundant relatives to its circulation and consumption. Read more on the whitepaper

Being the primary trading currency for services and products within both worlds offered by the platform, users may find more information on its initial coin offering and sales at https://ico.uhive.io/.

Token Information

Token Name : UHIVE (HVE)
Protocol : Ethereum (ETH)
Token Supply : 80 billion
Token sale price :
Presale: $0.0015
Crowd Sales: $0.003
Soft Cap : $10,000,000
Hard Cap : $54,000,000

For more information, feel free t o visit :

WEBSITE : https://ico.uhive.io/
WHITEPAPER : https://ico.uhive.io/wp-content/uploads/UHIVE_Whitepaper.pdf
Everything about UHIVE App :

UHIVE App Demo :

UHIVE Voice Over Explainer :

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