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The development of cryptographic technologies has completely captured every aspect of a person's life. Every day there are many interesting platforms and developments that are aimed at improving and simplifying human life. One such project was SwipeCrypto. This platform is designed to display commercials to its users. Naturally, for viewing advertising this platform will reward users. In order to develop its platform, the developers of SwipeCrypto use cryptographic technology Blockchain, which increases transparency, security and other capabilities of the platform.

The main goal of SwipeCrypto is to show its users the best and most effective advertising on users' smartphones, which only exists on the market. Developers, on their website, published a special technical document that fully shows all non-working advertising models. All these models, as a rule, are based on the display of banner advertising, so they have a low degree of capture and attract attention from the user. Developers offer their solution to this problem. They plan to create a decentralized platform based on the cryptographic technology Blockchain, which will work on any mobile devices with Internet access. Let's take a closer look at how the SwipeCrypto platform works.

By itself, SwipeCrypto is a special technology based on Blockchain, which was implemented in an existing advertising platform, called SwipeRich. This site is engaged in displaying special advertising on users' smartphones, it serves about 10 million orders, about which I spoke above. The SwipeCrypto platform uses a special cryptographic currency in order to reward users of its platform for viewing the provided advertising. Most often, you are viewing the advertisement at a time when you are using the browser on the Internet.

In order not to view it any more, SwipeCrypto will display the necessary ads on the screen of your smartphone's lock. In this case, you do not have to wait for a while, in order to view the advertisement and then unlock the phone. The lock screen, as a rule, is used for a few seconds, here these few seconds and will be displayed ads. This will allow advertising companies to get a lot of effective views of their advertising. This is much more effective than advertising on the Internet. Let's figure out what should motivate the user to install a special SwipeCrypto application on his device, and then also view ads on the phone lock screen. And it should motivate that this application will reward the user with a special cryptographic currency called SWC. This currency will be issued when the user went to the lock screen and viewed the advertisement. This is a great way to earn cash in the background.

The team of the SwipeCrypto project team consists of several specialists in their field. Each of the team members represented has experience in developing platforms based on Blockchain cryptographic technology. Let's take a closer look at the composition of the leaders of this platform:

Andry Marchen - CEO;
Klifford Kim is the CFO;
Kyai Shon - Technical Director;
Ian Vaera is the CFO.

The rest of the team are developing the platform itself, and are among the best specialists in the field of Blockchain technologies.

Problems solved by the project This platform, according to the developers, is aimed at solving the following problems in the advertising industry:

Complete lack of transparency and development of monopoly. All advertising agencies, in order to display advertising on the Internet, should pay only two companies - it's Google and Facebook. These giants distributed among themselves all the shares of the advertising market on the Internet;

Advertising fraud.Very often, unscrupulous advertising agencies, to increase the implicit effectiveness of advertising, use special bots that wind up advertising clicks. This completely confuses clean statistics for advertisers. This is bad for the advertising itself and increases its spread throughout the Internet;

There is no reward for viewing the advertisement by the user. When you look at advertising on the Internet, you do not get any reward for it. All funds are received only on the account of advertising agencies, which are intermediaries between users and advertising companies.

All users of this site, namely advertisers, publishers and users of the network themselves, receive significant advantages when using this platform. Let's take a closer look at them:

Advertisers are able to directly work with users of this network, this increases the effectiveness of their work. Without any mediation, they can acquire special advertising spots, for a certain period of time, clicks, views, etc. This is an excellent system that allows advertisers to collect reliable statistics;

Publishers receive the opportunity to earn additional income from the provided advertising, obtained during the interaction of users with the software application;

This platform only complements, but does not replace third-party advertising applications. This application works in the background, and for its use the user does not need to run it. This significantly saves time, and improves the efficiency of advertising; In the application SwipeCrypto there is the possibility of selling various digital and not only goods. This increases the profitability of the application itself, and increases the ways of obtaining money income. All sales are carried out using an internal cryptographic currency;

Publishers will be free to choose which digital products to show to users on their platform. This can positively affect the sales of these products;

Getting a revival of users, in the form of cryptographic currency SWC. This is a good salary, given the speed of viewing advertising.

The SwipeCrypto platform uses, in its work, the capabilities of other systems. To organize its work SwipeCrypto uses the following platforms:

AD-Engine X-Swipe is a special advertising engine that is designed to show commercials to users. Using the advanced targeting system and AI, this platform simplifies and expands the work between the publisher and the consumer of advertising. SwipeCrypto completely analyzes all user data, including location, time, date, behavior, interests, search queries. All these data are transferred to the publisher, analyzed and based on this analysis, the publisher provides useful commercials. In simple words, you will receive only those ads that you are supposedly interesting;

Special library SwipeDK. This platform helps SwipeCrypto to display ads on the lock screen on smartphones that use the Android operating system. Also, this system will collect special data that will show how many times you viewed or clicked on ads. These statistics will also be provided to publishers for further analysis and use;

Decentralized book of accounting, based on Blockchain technology. I use technology of smart contracts, this technology will provide information about advertising and advertisers. It will allow advertisers to purchase advertising spaces and conduct various transactions. Also, this platform will allow SwipeCrypto to distribute special bonuses, for the use and as long as commercials, between network users and publishers of advertising.

SwipeCrypto features

The decentralized SwipeCrypto platform has the following features and functions:

Ads on the lock screen.All ads that the SwipeCrypto application will show are displayed on the screen of your smartphone's lock. This is a convenient and effective way to display ads;

Using cryptographic technology Blockchain. SwipeCrypto is based on Blockchain technology and smart contracts. The interconnection of these technologies ensures the speed, transparency and efficiency of the platform. They will provide credibility to the platform from users, advertisers and publishers;

Application integration. This platform can be easily integrated into any third-party applications. All you need is to write a few lines of simple code. Currency SWC. Remuneration in the form of cryptographic currency SWC, all users of SwipeCrypto receive for viewing the provided advertising. Also, for the provision and viewing of advertising, publishers receive a fee.

Analysis of user data. The use of AI and Blockchain allowed the platform to efficiently collect the necessary information, analyze and transfer it to publishers. Which, in turn, will use it to effectively display ads.

Proven model of work. As mentioned above, this platform has already been tested in two countries. She showed effective work, which entailed its development in other countries.


SwipeCrypto is a decentralized modern platform designed to display the necessary advertising to users using the screen lock their smartphone. This is a great solution, which was suggested by the developers of the network. The use of this platform by advertisers and publishers will lead to the development and improvement of the statistics of viewing commercials. And for SwipeCrypto users it's a great way to earn currency in the background. This platform will certainly find its user, and will develop and expand.



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