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Review EagleX

Hello, dear readers. Today, the EagleX cryptoproject is on the agenda.


The technology of Blockchain is gaining momentum at lightning speed. Developers are fighting among themselves for the development of a modification that surpasses analogues. Starts a huge number of similar projects. EagleX is no exception. Recently, it was also simply called Eagle, now - EagleX. "X" is eXpand, which indicates a new broad view of the project. The basic task of the team is the formation of a financial environment based on the Blockchain technology, which will provide opportunities to use this purse outside the territoriality. Suppose that this crypto currency people can pay bills for utilities or buy food in the supermarket.


The coin is formed by all the rules of the Efirium. But there is a planned transition to the innovative Blockchain IronGeekChain. It is assumed that positive positive moments will be introduced in comparison with other versions of the Blockchain. In particular, for the transaction test, the mechanism for reaching the Iron dBFT consensus is planned. It is planned to use tokens with two markers: a base coin (EagleX) and a coin for internal work (Benz). The latter presents a similar solution to Gas Neo.

IronGeekChain is characterized by:

Can work with different network assets.
Smart contracts and decentralization.
Advance dBFT Consensus.
Quantum stability.
Cold staking.

You can see the difference between this implementation of Blochein and its analogues. It is also important to use Cold staking. EagleX coin holders will be rewarded with BENZ tokens. This is immediately reflected in the wallets. All these pluses say that this project will be in demand and the chances for success are quite high. Just be aware of the fact that the coins on your account make you extra money. Almost like a contribution to a bank. We add that owners of EagleX coins will have air stations within the framework of this project.

The result.

The statement of the team involved in the development, their intentions are worthy of respect. The project in all respects is competitive and even better than analogues. Many advantages for coin holders with these markers. This should ensure success. We send the best wishes to the development team.


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