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Earlier, we repeatedly wrote that one of the most sought-after niches, where one can find a worthy application of blockchain technology, is the sphere of energy.

And even if this is a fairly closed and centralized industry, projects appear that are able not only to try to change the rules of the game, but also to solve problems that are topical for all mankind.

Today we will tell you about the most interesting project Zero Carbon Project, the creators of which are developing a unique platform - a decentralized marketplace for renewable energy sources.

Good intentions and blockchain
The advantages of implementing blockchain technology in the energy sector are quite obvious. This is decentralization, transparency, scalability and a significant increase in competition.

When it comes to renewable energy sources, the technology of the future can also popularize this sphere. We agree that the monopoly that has developed in the market, obviously will not disappear for many more years. But try to give people an alternative, as the developers of the project do - a step worthy of respect.

The advantages of its own decentralized platform, created by the developers of the Zero Carbon Project are obvious. This is not only the above pluses, but also encouraging people to think about the time to take care of the lives of future generations.

On the other hand, in addition to good intentions, the platform is an excellent business tool and an opportunity for excellent earnings. This is facilitated by the privileges for buyers of "clean" energy and the lack of competition in the market, due to a unique idea.

Principles of the Zero Carbon Project
In simple terms, the project platform is a kind of decentralized marketplace where buyers and sellers of renewable energy sources will coexist within the same ecosystem.

It is worth saying that part of the project will be implemented on the so-called "off-line" platform, which is planned to launch in the fall of 2018. But the juice itself awaits us with the launch of the main part of the project.

Imagine the scale of the market, honest transactions thanks to smart contracts, low commission due to the use of own ENERGIS tokens and the speed of transactions.

The Zero Carbon Project platform is really a look into the future, many principles of which are incomprehensible to most now, but will become fundamental after some time.

decentralized marketplace
Our youth team
Currently, no worthy start or a full-fledged business can not exist without a worthy team. Zero Carbon Project is the concentration of professionals in the person of management who "ate the dog" in the energy market.

We are confident that the project of Derek Myers, who is chairman of the Commission on Climate Change in West London and director of the very famous British company Beond, has every chance of success.

He was joined by his wife Sarah Myers, Alastair Hutson, Bok Hu and many other talented specialists. Do you know what is most important? This is an invaluable experience of these people in this field and close ties with government bodies. Also, the development team actively participates in various conferences, the last of which was Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam.

After all, you will agree that government support for such projects is extremely important. And the perspective of the renewable energy market and their relevance, which will only grow from year to year, once again speaks of the uniqueness and potential success of the Zero Carbon Project.

The ICO stage
In conclusion, I would like to talk about the stages of the ICO project. At the moment there is a so-called Democratic Private PRE-SALE, which began on June 18. In the course of the presale, users will be able to purchase only 20,000,000 Energis tokens.

The public token of Zero Carbon Project will begin after the previous stage is completed. The price of tokens at the ICO stage will be $ 0.2. Hardcap is marked at $ 15,000,000.

In more detail with the distribution of bonuses you can find out both in the official Telegram project group and in its Whitepaper, which is available on the official website or at the end of our review.

It should be said that all potential investors must undergo the mandatory KYC procedure, which also speaks volumes. We, we wish you successful investment and a clean atmosphere above your head. Think about the future of your heirs, at least occasionally.



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