About KrypnetATM

As the initial focal point for consumer interaction with the KrypNet, the KrypATM is intentionally designed to be reminiscent of the simple, familiar and inviting conventional ATM. However, as its power and versatility are revealed, the consumer will, at whatever pace he or she is comfortable, discover that it is, in fact, a full function financial services kiosk, and their user-friendly UI to speed, flexibility, and security afforded by the world of cryptocurrencies.
KrypATMs are carefully designed with wide range of features and functions to address every cryptocurrency use case for novices and experts. These features include:
• Buy cryptocurrency with cash
• Sell cryptocurrency for cash
• Withdraw cash from debit cards
• Issue debit cards
• Pay bills: mobile, utility, credit cards, etc
• Advertisement display on main and additional screens
• Gift card sales
• Event tickets: sports, concerts, etc
• Acceptance of checks and check cashing
• Money Transfer
KrypATMs have been designed for safe and secure operations. However, some of the
physical locations may not be safe for users, operators and the franchises. In the event the KrypNet evaluation team declares a location to be unsafe, cash will not be disbursed at these locations. Two models of KrypATMs have been designed, one that accepts and disburses cash and an another one that only accepts cash.

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