ICO Sales Krypnet

The total number of tokens sold will constitute 60% (including all bonuses and bounty) of all tokens that will be issued after the ICO.

The calculation of the total number of issued Tokens will be made according to the formula:
∑KrypToken = (SICO+Sbonus+Sbounty) / 60(%) * 100(%)
∑KrypToken - total KrypToken emission
SICO - total amound raised in ICO
Sbonus - total amount of bonused issued in ICO Sbounty - bounty amount
60(%) - ICO Pool

5% bountypool
A 5% bounty in Kryp Tokens of the amount of tokens sold without bonuses will be paid to people that refer new participants during ICO. The bounty will be dispersed at the completion of ICO.

The remaining 40% of Kryp Tokens will be issued to the following purposes:
30% incentives pool
The Kryp Tokens in this pool will be used to encourage the growth and expansion of the KrypNet ecosystem. Kryp Tokens from the Incentives Pool will be distributed within up following 5 years to users and partners of KrypNet to reward the growth of the KrypNet and its ecosystem.
The distribution of tokens from this pool will be limited by the following rule:
Not more than 1/60 (≈ 1.67%) per month of the total number of pool tokens.
10% companypool
This pool of Kryp Tokens is distributed among the KrypNet team, contractors and other individuals and entities at company’s discretion. Tokens awarded to the team will vest over a period of 12 months after the completion of the Token sale.

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