KrypNet has signed a letter of intent with QUICKPAY Kyrgyzstan.

Thе letter of intent sets out the general intent of terms of the parties to work together in the above region within the realm of marketing and advertising among other services of cryptocurrency ATM network.
QuickPay is a private company from Kyrgyzstan. It has been operating since 2010 and has more than 1500 kiosks with more than 300 services.
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KrypNet is in the process of deployment of ATM machines that allow a full service Brick and Mortar exchange for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency among other services and has a roll out plan to deploy 6,000 ATM within the year according to KrypNet Whitepaper ( For more details visit KrypNet corporate website:
KrypNet has identified QuickPay as a potential Joint Venture Partner in the above territory.

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