The whole BLOCKCHAIN platform has recorded growth and development from the time of centralization up to this present moment which decentralization has taken over the whole BLOCKCHAIN platform. Despite the introduction of decentralization, there are still some issues and problems left to be solved. Part of the issues and problems needed to be solved is the issue of trading and crypto-currency exchange platform. Now that there is an improvement and development in the plight for the adoption of crypto-currency, there is need for a good crypto-currency exchange to be available for traders and users of crypto-currency. Investors got scared and wary of the damages bad crypto-currency exchange can cause to the crypto-space in which this is why there is need for a good trading and exchange platform.

Despite the development in the use of blockchain technology over the whole sectors there is still need to be a good crypto-currency exchange in which traders can trade easily without any problem or difficulties. But because of the way the centralized platform has been handling the crypto-trade over the time is not impressive which this has led to people calling for a new and improved crypto-currency exchange. I’m not saying Centralized platform is total bad because at times centralized platform has been given good ratings when it comes to speed of the transaction, but nevertheless they need to tackle the issue of SECURITY which this is where decentralized platform comes in. Security issue shouldn’t be treated with a levity hand because it matters to traders and investors a lot. The safety and security of customers fund should be the priority of the crypto-exchange platform because with an improved security, customers won’t have to leave the crypto-exchange for another with high security risk.
Other issues facing crypto-currency exchange includes; Slow/Delay in transactions , High processing fees, lack of good customer support, liquidity issue, lack of transparency, bad user interface and lots more. These and many more issues is what has prompt REGULUS team to launch a new trading platform free of security breaches, with good customers support, good transparency report with the use of blockchain technology, good liquidity, low transaction fees,
What is REGULUS crypto-exchange all about?
This is a self-financed trading and exchange project that helps traders in having a successful trade with the use of its mobile APP. REGULUS is an exchange platform that will allow the use of mobile trading APP. REGULUS is been designed with series of trading features which will help in the improvement of trading speed, reliability, and security of the exchange platform.

REGULUS opens traders and users to improved quality trade that are unique and outstanding without any challenges. REGULUS crypto-currency exchange is designed to function on new tools which will help in making orders and transaction fast.

REGULUS benefits its users by ensuring they get all the data for trading and transaction records secured and protected on their system which this is very good approach by REGULUS project.
Transaction notification has been designed with the mobile APP in which traders and users will be notified of trading activities on their APP. The platform has been designed with some other features which will be beneficial to users and traders in the platform such as the introduction of the lottery system, introduction of community Box, Adoption of heritage system which is the first of its kind on an exchange platform.

This is an exchange designed to work perfectly on REGULUS trading platform. The purpose of the REGULUS token includes, transaction fee for traders, referral rewards to users, incentives to holders.

Token Symbol => RGLS
Total Supply => 60,000,000

15% of the total coin Allocated to Team
10% of the total coin Allocated to marketing and exchange
5% of the total coin Allocated to advisors
10% of the total coin Allocated to reserve
60% of the total coin Allocated to Community


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