Investing in real estate is a popular way of receiving some passive income. Unfortunately, entry barriers in this sphere are really high. Investing in real estate in foreign countries can be much more profitable, but there exist a number of regulatory and financial aspects which make it really challenging.
Real estate investment trusts (REITs) make it possible to invest in real estate anywhere in the world without owning it. Real-estate properties produce certain income and all the stockholders of a reit earn some shares of the income.


The first ever real estate investment trust powered by blockchain is GlobalREIT. Adoption of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is increasing every other day, so there is o need to prove that they are an inseparable part of our future. GlobalREIT is a great combination of a REIT plus the advantages of blockchain, such as:

-monthly dividends distribution. Traditional REITs distribute them once in six months or once a year because of high transaction fees. GlobalREIT platform has three core modules which enable dividend distribution: the Asset Management Module, the Compliance and Security Module and the Transaction Module.
-total liquidity provided by blockchain. It means that any investor can have his money back any time he likes without any delay.
-total control of all the assets and processes.
-lower entry barriers in comparison with traditional REITs.


The main advantage of GlobalREIT platform is that it brings investing in crypto to a higher level of security and safety. Some people say that cryptocurrency has no material assets behind it, so they are afraid of investing in it. GlobalREIT has real estate assets behind it and the platform is trustworthy enough even for people in doubt. Another advantage of the platform is that any person can invest in real estate globally without any limitations, regulations or barriers.

GlobalREIT is about to start their crowdfunding stage after the successful pre-sale. It will be on until 30th June, so everyone who likes the idea and believes in this projects’ future may join its community!


To find out about the details of tokensale and its progress, available bonuses and the platform’s structure you can visit the official website:

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