BLACKBOX or BBOS is a business OS to manage distributed firms, projects and teams on the Block-chain, built upon ETH, BLACKBOX OS is a D-App that serves internal members organizations, contributors, and token owners also known collectively as the BLACKBOX network.

Blackbox OS (BBOS) is an operating system for managing distributed companies, teams and projects on a block chain. Built on Ethereum, BBOS is an application that caters for internal members, member organizations and token holders. At present, the whole world is on the threshold of a radical transformation of business conduct, acquisition of value. The task of BBOS Token is to create the Blackbox operating system, which will allow:

Significant reduction in the cost of overheads

Significant work focused on the strength of individuals

Self-actualization and flexibility

Equity of income through equitable distribution of funds

The Blackbox token bridge the gap between the decentralized world and will unleash the power of distributed technology,AI,and other forefront technologies.

Furthermore, BBOS is a next-gen token managed and governed platform. Composed of a series of intelligent agreements and decentrally stored info, BLACKBOX OS looks to effectively reduce copy and repetitive workflows, enhance collaboration and equitably allocate rewards based on more objective evolutions.

The upcoming work is here, and conventional organizations move from antiquated, commercial business models, they will need an interface among present paper and digital agreements. BLACKBOX OS connects the gap between the decentralized world and lets firms to unleash the energy of allocated tech and AI or Artificial Intelligence. The evolution and development of decentralized platforms will drastically enhance human cooperation and eliminate costs by empowering individual’s nodes throughout the network.

BBOS is a smooth, evolving commerce OS for the upcoming for work and serves as a gateway to link with the BLACKBOX platform. Extremely personalize, contributors firms are capable to become more effective, and the participants are given the equipment to accomplish more.

How It Work?

The BLACKBOX network exists to offer a next-gen commerce system to empower the next-gen worker. More than only a gig economy, they are building a sole system with share bond across the common good. The projects are divided among able people based on matches for ideal fit and value. BLACKBOX foundation works on behalf of the complete team to make sure prompt payment and the BBOS manages interoperability among many firms.

Every co-op team members receive 80% of their side of the projected income. The remainder goes to a typical fund covers expenses for complete members (legal, operations, sales, reviews, licensing, etc). The entire payments go via BLACKBOX. And participants are compensated through BLACKBOX OS tokens to make sure a frictionless change of resources in the actual world, with actual USD Money from customers held in reserve to offer members with clearness.

The Internet is to start with the most sought-after experts in AI, data science, computer version, device learning, block-chain and lot of other transformative techs across several disciplines. As they grow the base of their community and BBOS, their long-run version is to move the world via DAP or Deliverable value points, proposal, POVP across firms, GOVT, and education to describe actual world issues.

Humans are able of extraordinary things, in the best state, and bolstered by the help of Artificial Intelligence, they can empower staffs to access new ranks, regardless of their background, position, ability set or socio-economic value.

The Features

The BBOS token is a unit of reputation and exchange with BLACKBOX network system.

Contributors are empowered to describe preferences for a work plan, categories, and segments.

BLACKBOX OS provenance ecosystem are described as device learning system AI configured with smart agreement block tech that automatic source attribution of info

A lot of features let BBOS contributors make value and invest in services that are inner to the inherent system. Token owners can use the toke to place proposal, reach services and vote on decisions that impact them.

Business Operating System

Blackbox OS (BBOS) is a business operating system to manage distributed companies, teams, and projects on the blockchain. Built upon Ethereum, BBOS is a DApp that serves internal contributors, member organizations, and token holders also known collectively as the Blackbox Network. We are on the cusp of a radical transformation in how business is conducted, how value is procured, and how humans create and are compensated.


Interoperability between ecosystem members that don’t share the same governance mold or structure.


Blackbox OS is an operating system composed of configurable modules solving widespread inefficiencies.


Fair compensation leads to higher engagement and better work quality.


The blockchain provides us with immutability and accuracy as the basis of distributed ledger technologies. Through a blend of on and off chain storage, we gain the benefits of decentralization.


Proposals are voted on in the Blackbox Network and require consensus to be actioned. Not only can internal members and external token holders, see the proposals, they are able to add feedback and have a voice in what is actioned.


Estimations and compensation are agreed upon at the time of proposal. With clear, quantifiable milestones and expert consensus, we see this as a major advantage over the traditional approach to project and task management.

The Benefits

The Future of Work Is Decentralized and Being Made Beneficial.

• Augmented workforce and workflow optimization

• Eliminate repetitive tasks and workflows

• Interoperability between organizations in the ecosystem

• Improved cross team decentralized collaboration

Proposal Module in BBOS

They believe that academic papers lone are not enough and their techniques have been battle tested based on actual world issues, revenue, client pain points, and a broader system build over the past year. Times are quickly changing, and institution requires guidance on how to maneuver in this new Globe.


The BBOS token is a unit of value and exchange within the ecosystem. Participants are empowered to define preferences for work schedule, segments and categories. Influence is earned through a reputation system by consistently demonstrating value in a meritocratic system. Everyone’s incentives are aligned and a new world of possibility emerges.

Furthermore, BBOS tokens are used in the OS Blackbox ecosystem as unit values ​​and exchanges. Influence will be obtained with a reputation system that is carried out consistently showing value in a meritocratic system.


• Presale Sale 50% Bonus NOW Until July 25th, 2018

• Ticker BBOS

• Token Type ERC20

• Token Price 1 BBOS = $0.16 ($USD)

• Timing 25% Bonus begins July 25th, 2018 (10:00AM EST) – August 3rd, 2018 (10:00AM) EST or until the maximum cap is reached.

• Accepted ETH, BTC

• Token Purpose The BBOS token provides access to the Blackbox Network and serves as an internal mechanism to facilitate a labor/capital market while providing governance

• Token Supply 1,000,000,000 Total

• Sold on Pre-Sale 50% Discount 37,500,000

• Sold on Pre-Sale 25% Discount 58,333,333

• Total Pre-Sale Hard Cap $USD 10,000,000

Token Distribution

Funds Allocation




June 2018

Pre Sale#1.

August 2018

Pre Sale#2.

June - August 2018

Req Specifications.

July - August 2018


June - Dec, 2018

Private Alpha. Blackbox Network.Goes Live.

September - Dec 2018

Partnership announcements.

October - Dec, 2018

Module Marketplace.

For more information, please visit:


ANN Thread:

White paper:






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