With the emergence of Neluns, the possibilities of cryptocurrency market participants
will significantly expand. Each of them will be able to find an optimal solution amongst a
broad spectrum of banking products. For example, long-term investors can extract
additional profits on account of deposit placements, traders and cryptofunds can expand
their abilities on account of access to lending tools.
The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Platform opens up access to cryptocurrency loans for
a broad range of individuals. The escrow system will allow to increase ICO investment
security levels, which will result in a growth of investor confidence, and thus, the volume
of attracted funds.

Unique cryptocurrency exchange
The Neluns Exchange is not just another cryptocurrency exchange, but a radically
different structure, free from the issues of existing cryptocurrency exchanges. The use
of the “bank guarantee” approach protects assets from unforeseen circumstances. The use of leading technologies from two financial worlds allows for the creation of a secure system, capable of handling millions of transactions per minute.
Users that pass verification will be able to carry out transactions of any scale, and fund
withdrawals to multicurrency Neluns Bank accounts will occur near instantaneously.
Around the clock support services will quickly resolve all user issues.

High level of security
The presence of a traditional financial institute as the base of Neluns will significantly
improve security. We are integrating the best solutions from global companies, which
develop software for the world’s largest banks. Aside from this, Neluns client assets are
legally protected.
The Neluns Insurance company provides clients with the opportunity to insure trade and
transactions. This allows for losses to be compensated in the case of an insurance

For potential cryptocurrency market participants
Elimination of entry barriers
The emergence of the Neluns ecosystem will significantly simplify the entrance of new
participants into the cryptocurrency market. We are realizing familiar banking products.
Clients will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies and carry out transactions in just a few
clicks. Moreover, Neluns realizes the ability to pay for goods and services with
cryptocurrencies, and companies will receive payments to their merchant accounts.

Ability to make instant payments anywhere in the world
The Neluns Bank provides any individual or company to carry out cryptocurrency
transactions from any part of the world with minimal transaction fees.
A user can top up an account or withdraw funds anywhere in the world, in order to do
so, an ATM must be used or a transfer needs to be made.

Low commissions with minimal risks
Neluns is constructing the ecosystem in accordance with the BaaS concept. The Neluns
iOS and Android applications with a user-friendly interface open up access to all
cryptocurrency and fiat banking products, around the clock.

The absence of a network of branches and affiliates makes it possible to reduce
transactional costs many times over, and the use of leading technologies makes them
even smaller, increases security, and operating speeds. The use of Visa, MasterCard,
and American Express partner network ATM’s will allow for instant cash withdrawals.
As a result, Neluns offers its clients, both private and corporate, a broad spectrum of
familiar services at the most favorable terms. This will allow us to attract a huge quantity
of new participants to the cryptocurrency market, broaden the applicable uses of
cryptocurrencies, as well as organize an impressive inflow of capital into the
cryptocurrency market.

Legal aspects
We are building the Neluns ecosystem in accordance with all applicable regulatory and
legal norms. Following the letter of law, and meeting all regulatory requirements will
ensure the stability of the system and a high level of security.
The registration of the Neluns Bank will occur in England. The central bank of England
is frequently called the “Old Lady”, a proud and respectful term. The bank has a huge
history, but the core features of the nation’s economy are the stable monetary policy,
resilience of the national currency, and the reliability of the financial system. Aside from
this, England is actively supporting fintech startups, innovative initiatives are actively
encouraged. The registration of Neluns Exchange and Neluns Insurance will take place
in the U.S.A.

The activities of the Neluns financial ecosystem will meet the following requirements
and recommendations:
• The Bank of England (The UK’s central bank).
• FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).
• FSA (Financial Services Authority)
• PRD (Prudential Regulation Authority).
• FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering).
• Basel III Agreement.
• PSD2 Directives.
• CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission)
• SEC (U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission)
Aside from this, Neluns will attain an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license, which
will allow us to conduct operations with electronic money, as well as to issue them.
The Neluns Ecosystem will also become a participant of SWIFT, and will be connected
to various payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and others). Clients
will have access to IBAN accounts and bank cards for carrying out international
The activities of Neluns will also adhere to meet KYC/AML requirements as well as
counter the financing of terrorism.
The ICO of the Neluns ecosystem will be carried out in accordance with SEC (the
United States Securities and Exchange Commission) regulations:
• Rule 506(с) of Regulation D.

NLS Token
The NLS token is created in accordance with the ERC-20 standard.
The NLS token is a security token.
The NLS token will provide holders with dividends in the amount of 50% of the profits of
the Neluns ecosystem (Neluns Bank, Neluns Exchange, Neluns Insurance). Dividends
will be distributed each quarter in proportion to the number of tokens held comparative
to the total number of tokens in circulation.
Aside from this, NLS token holders will have an access to bonuses and privileges when
using products of the Neluns ecosystem. The more NLS tokens a holder has, the more
privileges he will receive.
NLS tokens can be acquired throughout the Pre-Sale, Pre-ICO, and ICO. The
acquisition of NLS tokens in the secondary market will be possible immediately after
listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Unsold tokens will be frozen after the ICO. Each year, 3% of the tokens will be burned.

NLS token emission
During the ICO, 200 000 000 NLS tokens will be released
Base price of 1 NLS token = 1 USD

NLS token distributions
80% tokens will be sold during the ICO
12% tokens will remain with the platform development team
5% tokens will be directed towards the Bounty campaign
3% tokens will be retained by project advisors

Expected price of NLS
The economic modeling of business process allows us to forecast the NLS token price
growth over a short, medium, and long-term perspective:

Neluns ICO
Stages (rounds) ICO
Hard Cap – $2.000.000
Soft Cap – $500.000
1 stage (round), pre-sale, stage (round) length 14 days,
from 08-01-2018 to 08-15-2018.

Hard Cap – $10.000.000
Soft Cap – $2.000.000
2 stage (round), pre-ICO, stage (round) length 21 days,
from 08-15-2018 to 09-05-2018.

Hard Cap – $112.000.000
Soft Cap – $10.000.000
3 stage (round), ICO, stage (round) length 31 days,
from 09-05-2018 to 10-05-2018.

Fund distribution
Funds acquired during the ICO will be used for the development of the Neluns
ecosystem, and growth support for Neluns and the NLS token.
80% – Ecosystem development, investment in the purchase and improvement of
traditional banking software, development of our own software and ecosystem
functionality, Neluns applications for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, investment in
working and bank capital, cryptocurrency exchange, platform insurance (these funds will

For more detailed information about Neluns visit the link below:

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