GENESIS-real estate investment ecosystem with the help of blockchain technology


I think most people thought about creating passive income. And the first thing that comes to mind is investing in real estate. But to any business it is necessary to approach very responsibly and deliberately. And in investing in real estate, even in fiat money, even in the cryptocurrency, there are complexities and "pitfalls."

The most significant reasons why there is no opportunity to invest in real estate:

High entry threshold.

Most people who think about investing in real estate do not have enough money to buy real estate. All because of the too high prices even the most ordinary objects, such as a house or an apartment. Most often, their acquisition is not available to most.

Huge risk.

More people do not trust today's device for investing in real estate. Especially after the crisis in the market in recent years.

Insufficient knowledge of the details of working with the real estate market.

To make the right decision about investing in real estate, you need to have some knowledge and understanding about the functioning of the market. It is also necessary to have an idea of the development and trends in the market at this time. If you do not have special knowledge, investing in real estate is a pretty risky occupation.

Risks of investment in the international market.

Most people who do not have experience can not invest in the real estate market in another state.

Risks of the fall of the cryptocurrency market.

This paragraph deals with investing in real estate in the cryptocurrency. According to statistics, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, that is, it often experiences large fluctuations in rates for the cryptocurrency. In addition, most countries have a negative attitude towards the inability to regulate this sphere. Some analysts predict the fall of the cryptocurrency market. Due to these reasons, you can lose a significant amount of money invested in this area. The GENESIS project will be able to solve all the above problems.


The GENESIS platform is a unique project that is built on blockchain technology and offers effective mechanisms for its users to invest in real estate. Thanks to this international platform, all its users have the opportunity to invest in real estate, which is located in various parts of the world. In addition, this project will please its users with an affordable price for real estate.

Scheme of the Genesis platform:

схема дейтельности.jpg

With the help of GENESIS, you can freely and quickly reallocate and move personal assets between projects and real estate that are located in different parts of the world. Each investor wants to have two conditions: to minimize risks and get the desired income. The main goal of each investor is to find the golden mean between the risks and the desired income.

Using the GENESIS platform, you can meet both of these conditions. In addition, platform users are guaranteed security and reliability.
GENESIS is a platform that can solve financial, operational and technical issues. Investors have the opportunity to be co-owners of property, which is the property of the platform, by using tokens. This platform has a low entry threshold, no intermediaries, the possibility of investing in real estate from anywhere in the world, the absence of risks.

Main features of the platform:

A unique ecosystem is created. Ecosystem expands the geographic criterion of investments and offers the opportunity to become co-owners of real estate of very different cost and purpose. Thus, the gap between the standard investment and the new reality of digital technology will disappear.
Tokens are the only sources that confirm the participation of investors in this project.
Tokens are provided with real assets. In this platform, tokens will be provided with a real asset - an object of real estate.
There are no intermediaries. Do not spend extra money on the services of intermediaries. Investing is direct and transparent.
Regular payments. Income is paid every three months.
High incomes.
The minimum entry bar.

Various agencies put a high rating on this project:


I want to note once again that a very huge advantage of GES tokens is its provision with real assets in the form of real estate. This will ensure the stability of the GES token rate in comparison with other crypto currency.
Another positive aspect is the project team. It includes people with vast experience in the real estate market. They have been dealing with real estate for more than 15 years. I think this immediately speaks about the reliability and competence of the project team.

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