Introduction: Islam is a unique religion, particularly because the financial relations under the Shariah are clearly regulated and have a number of serious requirements and restrictions.

Islamic finance is alternatively called ethical finance and this is an absolutely fair name. According to Shariah law, a Muslim should not give money to grow (to earn interest), invest in prohibited activities (gambling, production of prohibited products), participate in transactions with excessive uncertainty.

In the past few years we have seen a lot of issues affecting such exchanges ranging from massive hacks to crackdowns by regulatory bodies etc. These call for a new generation of exchanges which are compliant with regulations as well reach out to the people they serve.

It is for this reason that Adab solutions has set out to create the first Shariah-compliant cryptocurrency exchange which will despite being an Islamic exchange still reach out to non-muslims.

Project: Adab is developing the First Islamic Cryptocurrency Exchange(FICE) which has at its heart the norms of Shariah. It is imperative to note that due to the nature of islam which preaches and holds holiness in high esteem,certain cryptocurrencies and for that matter cryptocurrency exchanges are haram. This limits and prevents devout muslims from joining the cryptocurrency revolution.


  1. SHARIAH-COMPLIANT: As mentioned earlier, the FICE is shariah-compliant which makes it very unique. This is to ensure that a global infrastructure that has at its core Islamic finance is created. There is a Shariah Advisory Board which researches and ensures that the elements part of the exchange’s ecosystem are all compliant with shariah law thus promoting the development of Islamic crypto-economics.
  2. HUGE AUDIENCE INCLUDING NON-MUSLIMS: Despite being built on shariah principles, this exchange is not limited to muslims only, although it targets the over 120 country countries part of the Islamic Ummah. Again, this is to ensure that Muslims with a very strict sense of esteem for Islamic virtues can have and trade cryptocurrencies at their doorstep.
  3. A NEW MARKET ALTOGETHERWhilst, applying and consolidating the norms of shariah as well as the principles of Islamic finance, a new market is created altogether. This market obviously will have the highest level of regulation to ensure the crypto instruments found within are up to standard.

Interesting facts:

  • Adab — the behavior prescribed by the norms of Shariah, including good manners, standards of decency, courtesy and humanity.
  • “Monotheism calls to faith.” Faith calls for adherence to canons. The canons oblige a person to be brought up. The one who has no courtesy is far from the canons, faith and monotheism. “
  • “Courtesy is a strict adherence to that which embellishes deeds and activity.”

The name of our company ADAB Solutions is a big responsibility. 

Adab is a way of life in Islam, which we consider not only natural in everyday life, but an obligatory foundation of business relations.

Company will create the world’s first crypto exchange, which complies with Shariah law. FICE will become a universal solution for the involvement of Muslims and users of Islamic finance in the cryptocurrency market. The exchange will be functioning in compliance with the principles of Islam, but it is absolutely open to all users, regardless of religion.

One of the most important features of our project is the management of the company in accordance with the Islamic management model, which supplements the generally accepted standards of business management.


  • Name of the token ADAB
  • Total number of tokens — 500.000.000
  • The price of the token is 0.1 USD
  • Method of payment — BTC, ETH
  • Soft Cap — 2.500.000 $
  • Hard Cap -17.290.000 $
  • Start — 25.07.2018 year
  • The end is on 15.11.2018
  • Minimum volume of sales — 1000 ADAB

In conclusion, investing in ADAB solutions is the best decision you can make right now given the fact that the projected volume of daily trading on the First Islamic Crypto Exchange is $146 million and a monthly turnover of $4.4 billion during the first one and a half years of operation of the exchange in addition to its robust economic model to give you a good return on your investment.


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