Characteristics of Cryptov8's project: ICO details

Cryptov8 will become a global player that uses blockchain technology to bridge the gap between cryptobanking and traditional banking products and services.

The company's target customers are the existing 25m and predicted 300m-500m future global members of the cryptocurrency community although our services will be available to all.

Already significantly progressed in the application process of becoming a bank, we are well advanced in the process of creating the technical, business and regulatory blueprint for the bank, to extend our reach to crypto users worldwide.


Bringing banking to blockchain:

  • Drag and drop between Crypto/Crypto and Crypto/Cash with instant payment and pay out
  • Universal wallet and unified account to hold all of your crypto and non-crypto financial assets
  • Person to person instant transfers and payments directly to family, friends or businesses in your contact list using only their mobile number or email
  • Debit Card to pay any merchant globally with crypto or cash. The choice is yours
  • Income from Crypto holdings via seamless and direct access to Crypto Peer to Peer lending
  • Integrated exchange and gateway for dynamic transactions
  • Traditional bank preferential services and products for cash management and bank-grade security for fraud protection, password retrieval and hacking prevention.

How it will work?

Cryptov8 will remove barriers to use and incentivise early adoption by rewarding cryptocurrency holders in a similar way to fiat currency (one that is declared by governments as legal tender).

Cryptov8 does not see itself as just competing with other banks, the established order and the newer digital ‘challenger’ banks.

Rather we will draw upon the best corporate examples of customer service and use of technology, across other digital consumer champions, such as Alibaba, Apple, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, WeChat and others.

Token Information:

Token Ticker: CRV8
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Token for Sale: 750,000,000
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, USD
Soft cap: 15,625 ETH
Hard cap: 156,250 ETH

Pre-ICO Date -------------------- July 14 to July 28, 2018
Exchange Rate -------------------- 1 ETH 4,788 CRV8 ICO Date ------------------ July 28 September 28, 2018
Exchange Rate ---------------- 1 ETH 4,320 3,780 CRV8 Softcap ------------------- 15,625
Ethereum Hardcap --------------------- 156,250
Ethereum Accepted payment methods --------------- ETH, BTC fiat

The team:

The roadmap:


  1. WebPage:
  2. Whitepaper:
  3. Telegram:
  4. Twitter:
  5. Discord:
  6. Reddit:
  7. BitcoinTalk:


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