HighVibe.Network: New ecosystem of future

It is a decentralized ecosystem built to sustain autonomous growth while instantly linking premium content to incentive programs and allow users to earn from their participation monetarily.

That will enable the individuals partaking in actions such as submitting quality content, commenting, voting, participating in campaigns, introducing new users and much more.

HighVibe.Network Vision: To accelerate the growth of humanity by providing an accessible, affordable, collaborative and innovative ecosystem for individual and collective expansion.

HighVibe Network is a blockchain-based ecosystem designed to elevate human consciousness by integrating immersive digital and real-world experiences, learning, and personal development through a comprehensive and multidimensional network.' Within this ecosystem, there will be many social activities that people can use in their everyday lives (according to web site - https://www.highvibe.network/).


Mission and relevance of the project:

HighVibe Network Features are:

  • Fees - The HighVibe.Network provides zero transaction fees that are faster compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks.
  • Rewards -The HV token utilizes the Proof of Brain mechanism based on a token reward system to work on the content driven ecosystem. The use of HV token rewards would help propel the autonomous growth.
  • User Experience - HighVibe.Network token supports blockchain work giving the user unparalleled expertise where they can derive benefit, transparency, efficiency within the architecture.
  • Content Monetization - Authors and content creators can monetize their online works by using the HV token as an incentive tool to encourage user behavior.

Opportunities to blockchain members:

  1. Users: Paid in HighVibe Tokens as an incentive to take specific actions. Given free access to premium content when holding high Token denominations.
  2. Authors & Creators: Gain visibility on HighVibe via “upvote” and “like-based” algorithms. Earn fixed fees or at least 30% profit on premium offerings.
  3. Affiliates: Participate in a multi-tiered commission structure that is fully transparent. Payments are made instantly and accurately.


The platform itself 'cross sells' into several markets at the same time. Which is more lucrative ( and a lot less risky ) than if it targeted just one market, such as yoga, for example.

But 'self help' is big business. Books, workshops, audio programs, dvds and online education are very big business. Given that I have a background in this field and worked in a self development bookstore for 15 years and my own clinic for 20, HighVibe.Network is covering the right ground to ensure economic viability. And therefore, sustainability and growth of the platform.

Also to note is that there are a variety of incentive schemes on the platform. From 'paid participation' in workshops to affiliate programs to the ability to sell your own products through their online store. So whatever level you wish to participate, there's a good chance that you will be able to earn an income if you are like myself and work in this industry.

The ICO details:

  • Public Token Sale: 09/09/2018 – 10/10/2018
  • Token symbol- HV
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC20
  • Token supply- 8,000,000,000 HV
  • Available for sale- 4,000,000,000 HV
  • Price rate- 1 HV= $0.015 USD
  • Accepts- BTC, ETH, Fiat (TBA)
  • Hard cap- $44,220,436
  • Soft cap- $2,500,000

Token Allocation

  • Public sale- 50%
  • Company reserve- 20%
  • Contributors and authors- 10%
  • Team and advisors- 10%

The project's roadmap is:

Important links:

Website: [https://www.highvibe.network]
Telegram: [https://t.me/highvibenetworktoken]
Twitter: [https://twitter.com/HighVibeNetwork]
Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/highvibe.network/]
LinkedIn: [https://www.linkedin.com/company/13673044/]
Instagram: [https://www.instagram.com/highvibenetwork/]

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