LEADREX - Platform That Will Help You Convert Ads To A Targeted Audience

LEADREX is a block-based artificial intelligence platform designed to analyze global trade markets and identify target audiences as a basis for product sales.

Introduction information: Right now, the digital marketing tools that you can use in an advertising campaign already great selection, free paid even though. With the presence of blockchain technology, so a company trying to develop an artificial intelligence-based platforms and technologies Blockchain to convert the ads with the goal of getting the right audience and reduce costs.

Existed problems in digital marketing industry:

  • Pricing is not transparent. Marketing agencies offer a basic package of services, but there are big sets for incomprehensible services;
  • Attraction of customers is too expensive, the owners of companies do not have a certain audience. Advertising is not effective;
  • The management mechanism is not very well thought out, management of the advertising campaign needs to use several tools;
  • The difficulty in choosing customers for specific products. Inexperienced marketers do not always have the right advertising campaign to attract customers;
  • Crazy operating costs;
  • The interfaces are very outdated, they are very inconvenient.


  • LeadRex comes to you as a solution to the most from was the ad that you create.
  • LeadRex is a one-stop shop platform generation innovative online ad campaign to launch an effective digital marketing strategy and create in a very fast, providing a quality generation by Artificial Intelligence.
  • LeadRex platform is a complex system that includes many components that are integrated into a single ecosystem-service module digital advertising, database statistics and analytic, CRM systems, artificial intelligence, technology blockchain and smart contracts.

The functionality includes:

1. Artificial intelligence. His role in the project is enormous. AI will analyze the target audience, make proposals for adjustments to increase customer flow, recommend all kinds of promotions and special offers to increase sales.

2. Wizard for creating landing pages. Special SOFTWARE with a list of ready-made solutions, with which you can create platforms and unique banners for promotion.

3. The master of the chat-bots. Participants LeadRex will be able, without the help of programmers to create a bot that is able to give quality feedback to clients.

4. Module of contextual advertising. Allows you to create templates and manage campaigns with AI recommendations.

5. The Cabinet dimensions. It will collect information about advertising campaigns and recommendations made by AI based on analytical data.

Main advantages of LeadRex

  1. The general concept of advertising management is in the absence of unnecessary services, special applications, intermediaries. Any subscriber will be able to set up, activate and administer his marketing campaign;
  2. The presence of various tariff projects-the decentralized LeadRex site reveals fresh opportunities for a small and mediocre business;
  3. Availability of tools to ensure effective financial analysis;
  4. Targeting will be as accurate as possible. The presence of this advantage artificial abilities are very clear. The concept will be able to select the best sector for the purpose of advertising one or the other product;
  5. Direction program. This is an excellent opportunity to earn on attracting users to LeadRex. In addition to earnings, you can afford to use one of the selected tariffs for free;
  6. To use the interface of the decentralized LeadRex platform, you do not need to take courses or master the program for a long time. Interactive tips allow you to quickly perform all the necessary actions.

How to get an airdrop?

1.Chat with the Telegram bot

2.Join Telegram group (+60 LDX)

3.Submit your email and ETH address to the bot

4.You will get a referral link. For every referral you will be dropped with 25 LDX

Maximum referral numbers:

1st place: 2000 referrals

2nd place: 1500 referrals

3rd place: 1000 referrals

500 for all remaining participants

Start date: 21.05.2018
Expiry date: 11.06.2018
1 ETH = 16200 LDX
Soft Cap: 250 ETH
Hard Cap: 770 ETH
Minimum deposit amount: 0.1 ETH

Start date: 12.06.2018
Expiration date: 03.07.2018
1 ETH = 13000 LDX
Soft Cap: 770 ETH
Hard Cap: 1230 ET
Minimum deposit amount: 0.1 ETH

ICO Round 1
Start date: 04.07.2018
Expiration date: 25.07.2018
1 ETH = 8200 LDX
Soft Cap: 1230 ET
Hard Cap: 1850 ET
Min deposit: 0.05 E.H.

ICO Round 2
Start Date: 26.07.2018
Expiration date: 16.08.2018
1 ETH = 4333 LDX
Soft Cap: 1850 ET
Hard Cap: 4620 ETH
Min deposit: 0.05 E.H.3D

ICO Round 3
Start Date: 17.08.2018
Expiry date: 07.09.2018
1 eth = 2000 LDX
Soft Cap: 4620 ETH
Hard Cap: 10700 ETH
Min deposit: 0.05 E.H.

A team members:

A roadmap:

Official resources of the LeadRex project:

Author: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1706807]

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