Promotion of Blockchain Technology in KNOX Company

First Blockchain Based Insurance Company - INSCoin!

One of the important problems that blockade technology, apparently, is intended to be solved, is the fundamental principle of “maximum conscientiousness” in insurance contracts.

This principle states that each party that has concluded an insurance contract has a legal obligation to act with the standard “honesty is greater than what is usually required in most commercial contracts”. This means that the insurer must believe that they are being told the truth by a person who wants to take out insurance.

This is different from other contracts, which are usually based on the principle of “letting the buyer beware”.

Insurance helps us protect ourselves against risks like a house fire, car accident or burglary. We can also get insurance that pays us money if we get too ill or to provide for your family if we die. So insurance is a very important sector for everyone. With insurance, we can choose what we want to be protected against.

There are three main things in insurance.

  • Policy - insurance policy is a document that lists exactly what we are or aren’t protected against
  • Premium - The premium is the amount that we pay each month or year to have the insurance. The amount we pay depends on the risk and on the value of the events we’re insuring
  • Claim - If something happens that’s covered by the policy, we can claim on your insurance by informing it to the insurer.

The KNOX Project will be the first insurance company to combine the world's most efficient and sophisticated structure in the sector, to find solutions to certification and anti-counterfeit insurance policies, as described above."InsCoin for Knox Project" aims to establish the first insurance company to receive Crypto (INSC) for insurance premium payments, and the first, with help from blockchain, will solve the problem of counterfeiting insurance policies.

The INSCOIN project intends to use, among the numerous accessible, the Ethereum blockchain, that presently presents the biggest variety of real used cases and economy of services and transactions presently operative. Ethereum makes accessible, victimisation its infrastructure and ERC20 technology, the creation of digital personal coins of controlled provision (token) with that it's doable to support Associate in Nursing entrepreneurial project. The sale of tokens permits firms to assemble economic resources necessary for the event of a project within which the token itself can play a key role. The token during this sense permits new technological prospects that oer innovative services.

Token Sale

Name = InsCoin (INSC)

Total Supply = 527.083.333 INSC
Hard Cap = 40.000 ETH
Token Value 1 INSC = 0.000142 ETH
(PRE-ICO)1 INSC = 0.000167 ETH (ICO)
BonusMin 10 ETH: +5% (ICO)
Min 30 ETH: +10% (PRE-ICO, ICO)Min 50 ETH: +15% (PRE-ICO, ICO)

Token Distribution

The INSCOIN token is a fundamental part of our project. Through it the customer can pay insurance premiums and can access the maximum degree of authenticity of the policy, receiving it in the form of smart contract.

54% Token Sale
15% Blocked reserve (Broker WholeSaler)
10% Team and Advisors
9% Reserves distributed to the 3 insurance Companies (blocked for 3 months and 10% monthly release)
10% Broker Network partnership, Legal and Insurance advisor
2% Airdrop and Bounty program

For premiums < $1’000’000 1% must be paid in INSC
For premiums < $100’000 3% must be paid in INSC
For premiums < $50’000 5% must be paid in INSC
For premiums < $10’000 10% must be paid in INSC
For premiums < $ 500 20% must be paid in INSC


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