Bitnautic — top project that will connect suppliers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, ordinary users on the same platform, creating an ecosystem of maritime transport world-scale


Bitnautic is a project on maritime transport, in which blockhain technology will be used to import, recalculate and negotiate the cost of transport. At the moment, the world’s transportation occupies 90% of the total amount of cargo transportation. The project focuses on developing countries because they need such technology that will eliminate corruption. The problems for which companies incur significant losses are divided into intentional and accidental: robberies, miscalculations at points of import and export, as well as piracy in general, cast doubt on traditional methods that are already obsolete and require an integrated approach in one application. Strikes, as well as shipwrecks, have dealt the strongest blow to the shipping industry.

How BitNautic Decentralized Application will work?

The progressive system of scrambling will allow to choose the most suitable ship in terms of parameters: weight, time frame,destination address. Ship Brokerage Systems will show the best senders and carriers. Cargo Consolidation will help you to choose the best place for loading, unloading, and also to facilitate the miscalculation for mass transportation. The carrier can provide its advertising services directly on the card, without the necessary ability to pay extra for advertising. A complete cargo tracking system, even with a container, will allow the customer in real time to see exactly where his cargo is and where in the ship. Escrow services will return money to two parties if the transaction is not confirmed in time.

Bitnautic ecosystem business logic schema


Shows how the ship owner interacts with the exporters / importers in order to create a track number. Payment can be made through QR code, or smartcosts inside the blockhain. Further, the received data are read out and enable the sellers to interact with customers through e-commerce, with a convenient and transparent reservation system and reservation of purchases. The intelligent system will help distribute the goods to small, medium and large containers, as well as help to determine whether the container will be completely filled, and whether it is suitable for a particular product by type and size. Also, an additional advantage will be an independent calculation of the nearest containers. Ordinary users will receive all the necessary information through agents-brokers. After specifying the type of the ship, the capacity of the hold, the freight carrier completing the identification will be added to the platform. Merchants of the goods will also need to be identified to add their product to the platform.

What are the advantages of the platform?

Global — any person can equip his ship and begin to be prominent on the global map as a carrier.

Reliable — the block module will allow you to instantly perform the scrambling, and smart smart contracts will confirm the deal. Commission fees will remain unchanged until the end of the smart contract.

Secure — users decide who to do with the official information about their ship.

Easy to Use — consignor chooses the type of cargo, place and date of shipment and begins to search for the services of the carrier.Carriage can also provide information about their vehicles and coordinate shipment information with the shipper.

Intelligent — ability to develop sea carrier, as well as the help of artificial intelligence.

Transparent — all smart contracts are stored in a public format, which can increase honesty.

Multi-Currency — all services are paid for in BitNautic Tokens (BTNT), as well as other crypto-currencies.

Inexpensive — no commission when using the platform.

BitNautic users platform

BitNautic Scippers will allow users to interact with exporters, importers and carriers to save reports on imports and exports, as well as communicate directly with the owner of the ship.

Carriers will help to inform exporters, importers, agents and users about the rates of the vessel, as well as to coordinate chartering the ship.

The agents will coordinate the intellectual contract system, as well as update all data in real time.

What technical problems will solve bitnautic?

Finding the best options — intellectual system will allow to optimize a large data flow, as well as correctly configure the movement of cargo in seaports. Such an advantage will allow the suppliers to save considerable time for the transaction, as well as an analysis and co-voting with the ship’s management.

Finding the best rates — in 2 clicks the mouse to find the optimal rates for the route of trucking.

Preparation and documentation — сreates an archive database, which will contain popular errors, as well as situations and ways to solve them.

Shipping demand exceeds forecast — help to calculate and make the best algorithm between: air, sea and land transportation and calculate the cost.

My mark

Project deserves the highest appraisal, as it creates a full-fledged sea freight ecosystem on a global scale! A lot of shops will be able to integrate their goods directly with exporters, importers and freight carriers through the API, which will greatly encourage them to reduce costs, as well as time to find the right information. Zero commissions will make it possible to attract large capital, but an intuitively understandable interface of any users. Proven agents allow you to inform and receive only reliable information in real time.Blockhain will completely avoid human errors.
The project deserves the highest appraisal, for its desire to connect an artificial intelligence with everyday traditional tasks, such decisions are necessary, since by 2027 the quantity of the transported goods will increase by 100 +%. Top-ranking partners will raise the price of the project to sky! More than 90 thousand people in telegrams show that the project will be top.

Token sale well the end July 30, 2018

Pre-ICO finish May 31, 2018

1 ETH = 500 BTNT

Total Token Supply: 50,000,000 BTNT

Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH

Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH

Team & Advisor

27 people

Road map well the end Q3 2019

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