Open Platform — Top project for developers and consumers, which will allow you to link all the payment blockhain in one place to create custom nodes that allow you to implement any currency for payment

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The open platform is an integrated, modular system that will allow developers to integrate decentralized technologies. The platform includes the following elements: templates, template creators, as well as the OPEN_States module. All these technologies will allow you to connect to any eco-asseme any applications and pay. Infrastructure platform includes custom settings, which can then be imported into smart contracts and further expose user work hours for sale. By integrating the API into the heart of blockhain developers get the perfect scheme that will allow you to pay for any applications. A perfect scheme was developed in which volatility affects the developer in a minimal way. Having made accurate calculations, the project team decided that such an algorithm is necessary, as it will allow: interaction between platforms, to provide stable tools for the developers’ intentions, as well as to increase user coverage, thereby building a lasting community.

Revolutionary algorithm that cleans all commissions and costs for the development community


Using the API system, a modular algorithm will be implemented that will allow integrating any application into the OPEN algorithm. Decentralization will pile together Fiat with crypto-currencies and make users pay developers all means. This approach gives developers an unrivaled advantage, since now there is no need to report to third parties, but to interact directly with future users of application developers. Blokhen introduces the decentralization of the repository of codes, schemes, developments, which now do not need to spend money for storage, this kind of innovation will also allow you to produce a network configuration: a payment gateway or hosting. The API will use the functionality already in ready-made variants, as well as custom libraries — web3.js and ETHJS, for a secure way of interacting with the blockhain. All changes will change completely the attitude of consumers to developers.

Ecosystem of interaction of internal chain of interaction and data exchange


The modular system is an exchange, in which it interacts with the system of sponsorship, thus allowing to set up the fee, as well as bonuses and savings in smart technology, developers in turn implement their modules and development, combining the speed of creating new ideas 10 times! OPEN Core will introduce the most advanced technologies in traditional methods of development, interaction, as well as research on the coherence of program code.

How modules interact?

OPENToken is a completely new approach that, through the API, will allow you to collect all the crypto-currencies from different locations, thus allowing you not to limit yourself to only one OPEN platform.

The Scaffold templates will unite all the blockhain together, allowing you to make payment from any blockers directly, bypassing intermediaries. The most important function is to equate the user currency with the dollar exchange rate.

Scaffold Creator will implement the function of creating its own user data conversion point.

Open_State is needed in order to add a user to the whitelist if he bought the development at the stage of creation and subsequently gave it top-level access.

Artichticure OPEN API


OPEN Api is a gateway that is designed to accept smart contracts from users and developers. Integration system Open Scafford sends money to the purse developers, as well as clients through the server.

Create own Scafford developer point


Scafford is designed to accept transactions, and also creates a smart contract Open_State for recording user actions in a decentralized blockhain. Scafford is designed to accept transactions, and also creates a smart contract Open_State for recording user actions in a decentralized blockhain. Open_State is stored in the user’s wallet, which allows you to associate the platform with any developer application on any part of the system and make instant payments for applications. OmsideGo (OMG) allows you to convert any Crypto currency to the user, in the one that the developer prefers including the fiat money.

OPENWalet + OPENState Scheme


OPENWalet is a repository for collecting information about user settings, each Open_State unit stores user data. Such a system allows you to receive user state data without a general constant data loading.

The main advantage of the idea of ​​developers

The platform will be useful to the developer who will first provide their product. Users can buy access to see the developer’s application first. And the developer, in turn, is sure that it will not get to third parties.

Where will the developer wallet be used?

The first option is the creation of its own network Scaffold which will allow to accept any payments in the absence of a third part.
Stabilization of transactions between the user and the developer through Scaffold, OPEN minimizes volatility, as well as time for costs.
The ability for the developer to know how many users interacted and made payments through Scafford.
Open Token serves for the coherence of liquidity, as well as encouragement of community members.

My mark

The project deserves the highest ratings, as it will allow you to create your own smart contracts and to pry them access to privacy and anonymity, which is not irreplaceable for developers who provide their technological development to a narrow circle of people. A system with 0 commissions will have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem as the platform can use any smart contracts for the rest of the blockhains.

The project deserves the highest appraisal, since a single center will be created to accept payments throughout the ecosystem of the blockhain. Top partners, as well as a team with many years of experience, will bring the project to the skies.

Team & Advisor

15 people

The road map will be completed in the 4th quarter of 2019

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