XYO Network —top revolutionary project on the blockhain algorithm Proof of Locate, which will allow an accurate location in space, as well as not subject to zero-day attacks, spoofing and ddos

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Xyo will introduce a heme position through a new anonymous block system, which will link the digital and physical world together. Placed ubiquitously sensors, bluetooth, wifi, gps will access the object and transmit it in a hidden form completely from all on the technology of blockhain, allowing the very tracking of any object at the request of the user. For a new revolutionary algorithm will be taken Proof of Location which will be responsible for the collection and transmission of information in the oracle-blockhain XYO. An additional advantage is that now the data will be decentralized in the physical world and not as it is now transmitted through centralized providers. Blockhain plays a key role, as it will protect the network from DOS, Spoofing attacks repeatedly improving and speeding up the work. Protected points of the oracle data will be completely protected from zero-day exploits.

How will the four main components of the HYO Network work?

Sentinels (The Data Gatherers) — collect information from sensors that are near. Also, Sentinels can perform the function of a retrospective receive for active work of a token (XYO).
Bridges (The Data Relayers) — connect the received data to the shared device library. In the current link information about the token and the contract is transmitted, which will completely eliminate the modification and forging of the files being intercepted.
Archivists (The Data Storers) — perform the function of storing and optimizing data recording.
Diviners (The Answer Aggregators) — analyze the obtained data in order to adjust the exact location, then the data is encrypted into clever smart contracts and transmitted by traditional methods. This combination allows you to make a completely anonymous source that will not disclose the confidential information about the object.

If the object interacts with 2 sensors, the system automatically selects the most stable and suitable signal. Through the object search facility in the previous library. If the object finds a new, better signal, then automatically the best value is replaced with the old one and repeated in the database, I reduce the rating of the previous transmitter.

Proof of Origin with the integration of Bidirectional Location Heuristics

The method is based on the fact that using bidirectional analysis with the help of sensors it is possible to determine the location, in one-way analysis the exact location in space can not be determined. For uniform distribution, the strength of the signal is calculated and added to the base. The information passes through nodes that recognize the location of the object, then the data is summed and entered with validation in the blockhain.


To calculate the exact location, four coordinate axes are used: X, Y, Z, T. T is expressed in the authenticity indicators, which is instantly reported to the server when you try to change it. Splitting data packets into public and private keys means that data will come from peer sources.

Application of technology

Interaction with the data for the transportation of goods. Writing accurate reviews and accurate position of the location with the possibility of 3D image of the site of the object. Reliable data when transferring the card to another person.

The global network includes more than 1 million Bluetooth and GPS devices around the world, in the future the network will constantly expand.

My mark

The project is worthy of attention and receives the highest rating, because it is thanks to him that the location data can be transmitted in encrypted form from third parties.

Token sale

Smart contract platform: Ethereum.

Token: XYO.

Projected XYO Token Cap: $48 Million.

Team & Advisor

34 people

Road map to be completed in 2020

Official Web Page https://xyo.network/
• White Paper https://xyo.network/whitepaper
• Facebook https://www.facebook.com/xyonetwork
• Twitter https://twitter.com/XYOracleNetwork
• Telegram https://t.me/xyonetwork

ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3040825.0

Boynty https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3053801.0

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