Ethereum Slot Machine – The Slot Machine For Ethereum Network

Blockchain technology is a transparent digital ledger of transactions and records that are immune to change or deletion. Offering additional traits of increased security, lower costs, time efficiency, and error resistance, blockchain has risen, fluctuated in 2017. The utility of blockchain technology is limitless, sparking the growing list of companies, industries, and government exploring its potential adoption. The blockchain is an immutable public ledger that records digital transactions.



(eSlots)Ethereum Slot Machine, being the first cellphone game mimic slot machine for Ethereum network. The ICO focused allure investments to build foundation and financing of development of software while the programme is germinating and to make winner fund fascinating for players. To provide protection against double-dealing we have built entirely well working demo sort of the application for smart phones before reaching to ICO. Along with this funding is offered inorder to let everyone to check the app.

It’s safe to say that this is the first mobile embodiment of a game of the type “One-armed bandit” in the Ethereum network. Its main task is to attract as many investors as possible to build its structure and finance the constant development of software throughout the project. And it is no less important to create a very significant reward for users of the fund.

The platform already has a working version of the application for mobile devices based on Android OS. This application works in a test mode on the test network Ropsten and already provides all the risks that may be associated with fraud. Just so that any user, even without having Ropsten ETH, was able to test the application, the developers are scheduled to replenish the balance by 20 coins.

Globally ethereum slot machine eslots is the very first game which duplicates Slot machine for ethereum network. By keeping significant number of trickery in ICO and speculate spheres under observation, we have constructed completely working demo type of an app for Android OS before getting approach to ICO. Along with this we present top up fund upto 20 coins to let everyone to test the application . At present time there are 50 millions enjoyers which disburse money in buying app even there is little oppurtunity to win. However the app provides option to win cryptocurrency.



Due to the fact that there is no opportunity for user-friendly gambling with cryptocurrency on mobile devices, some kind of “gap” appears so we’re able to occupy it!


The app demonstrates simple program product which functions in Ropsten testnet. Moreover we offer replenishing fund up to 20 coins to allow everyone to test the app even without Ropsten ETH


Every token owner gets dividends distributed according to tokens number!


Once official release is held game contract will define payout sum corresponding to the current pay term. It’s conducted automatically every week!


In reality there exists programmes including iDice, but it is well known that they were quake. This is one reason thats why we have constructed completely functional demo programme for ICO. Particularly we are utterly assured in our expertise and in our programme aspect. Because of the reality that there is lack of oppurtunity on cellphones, little lackings exist so we are capable of occupying them.


Presently blockchain network Ethereum lacks enough speed for slot machines, but we threw light on this issue and tried our best to solve it by using transitional data storage for results of every game and rescue them by offers in blockchain with our smart-contract regularly or on client’s requirement. We use fault-tolerant parallely scatterable automations from start because the system needs server part. Such automations allow to cope with any type of burden by simple build-up of one-type units. By doing work on the programme we establish and tried mathematical model which ensures payment for participants to approx 90-93% and the inflated award equal to 1000x.


Unfortunately, today the Ethereum Network, based on the block system, is not so fast for games of this type, and based on this, the project team first, having carried out various kinds of research, concluded that the work processes will occur in a mixed scheme. That is:

– intermediate storage of information about all results of games will be applied;

– at times or at the request of the user, they will save them in blocks in the blockroom through the clever protocol created by the project.

To ensure the security of user accounts and token holders, each subsequent update of the mobile application creates its own unique Ethereum-purse, the passwords from which are stored inside the application in a securely coded storage. Despite this, players are not recommended to use the game as a storage point for rewards. A mobile application allows you to sell coins and withdraw funds from any external wallet that the user specifies.

In the Ethereum network, the project presents itself with two contracts: a game contract and a token contract.

The game contract has the following functions:

– ETH exchange for game coins and back;

– fixing win / loss players;

– the status of mobile application accounts;

– payment of prizes;

– Transfer of a part of the profit to a token-contract for the distribution of dividends.

The token-contract has the following functions:

– primary distribution of ICO;

– ensuring the fair use of investments;

– distribution of dividends in proportion to the current number of tokens;

– purchase / exchange of tokens.


Token: EST;

Platform: Ethereum;

Type: ERC20;

Price: 1: EST = 0.001 ETH;

Number of tokens: 50,000,000 EST;

Pre-sale: Start 29.03.2018 ending on 08/04/2018 BONUS 50%;

Main sale: Start 09.04.18 End May 2018 BONUS 1 week – 30%; 2-3 weeks – 15%

Country: Russia;

Possible investments: ETH;

Tokens are distributed as follows:

– Sale (including pre-sale) 85%;

– founders and developers 10%;

– Marketing, Founders, Bounty Company 5%.


All holders of tokens receive dividends, which are distributed directly in proportion to the number of tokens. After the official release every week in automatic mode, the game contract determines the amount of payments for the billing period. Next, the entire amount making up the casino profits, he sends as dividends to the holders of the tokens. It is worth noting that dividends are paid with a deduction of the commission for their shipment, accordingly, payments are made to those holders whose amount exceeds the commission.

Currently, a fully working prototype of the system is developed, which includes the following:

– Android application;

– Contracts in Ropsten block: Game contract and Token-contract;

– Contracts in the main block: Crowdsale contract and Token-contract.

Moreover, considering the monopoly position in the mobile applications market and the popularity of such games, the project can safely count on increasing the profitability from the planned company!

A strong team of developers and like-minded people who has been working for more than 10 years, and all this time creates mobile applications with the necessary infrastructure.



Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field.


Be a part of this tremendous project and follow these links for more information;

Website –

Whitepaper –

Bitcointalk ANN Thread –

Twitter –

Facebook –

Telegram – https: //




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