Blockchain, tokens and copyrights

Edgar Alan Poe glorified his poem "The Crow", published in early 1845 in a newspaper in New York. Creation still attracts readers.
The verse brought the author huge popularity and only 24 dollars. In recalculation on the modern dollar exchange rate, the income from the work would be about $ 755.
The poem quickly spread across Europe and the United States. He is still quoted in the world media. But the author's income for the whole poetic career was 195 thousand dollars by modern standards. It is almost impossible to imagine the current world-scale stars, who sell their works of art for only $ 750.

No lowered fees
It was such financial difficulties that impressed the Austrian composer David Brandstatter.
Creative people are often far from the material world and do not fully understand all the subtleties of copyrights and royalties. This made David think about how to simplify the life of creators.
The sound designer managed to work in Rockstar Games and Sony. He was well aware of those who are on the other side of the creative workshop - buyers of the results of someone else's work.

Token and copyright: what's in common?
Since the foundation of the Qravity project in February 2016, author's works have been given a chance to easily become popular and in demand.
David proudly told us that - this is a unique tool that gives a guaranteed opportunity to make money on your content. For example, a person wrote lyrics for a song. Other participants buy the rights to use the work and receive income from it. Qravity allows the author to receive 5% of this amount. This simplifies the communication and collaboration of creative people.
David talked with his partner and CFO Qravity about the fact that little has changed since the time of Poe for creative people. To which Sasha Dennstedt proposed to integrate into the draft blockchain. The conducted studies only confirmed the correctness of the idea.
The platform still required testing. The service needed a mechanism to ensure the efficiency and fairness of the payment process. It was necessary to protect copyrights and prevent piracy.
A smart contract and tokens came to the rescue. Smart contracts give authors complete and transparent information about their shares in projects that use copyright works. Tokens called QPT carry all these data. The more authors of QPT, the more income. Qravity allocates this share, after each acquisition of content, in the creation of which the creator participated.
So, one token brings the creator 0.05 QCO, that is, 5% of the revenue. The crypto-currency of the Qravity project can be exchanged on exchanges or involved within the project itself.

Decentralization - the path to honest rewards
A brilliant work of art is a high achievement of the author. But he needs something to pay the bills. Thus, creative and creative individuals can profit from their works directly, without other organizations.

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